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Sunday, May 25, 2003

deirdre's dinner

The past 2 days have been quite a surprise. At the end of last month, I thought I was going to Lake District with Kaiying and her senior. But that fell through. So I thought I was just going to spend it at home with my books, catching up on work (which has been long over-due, and seems never-ending…) But surprise, surprise, Deirdre called me around lunch time on Friday to ask if I had finished school, and whether I wanted to have lunch together, becoz she was in zone 3. I had just finished lectures, and wasn’t intending to go anywhere or do anything apart from chilling out (coz one of my classmates had asked me to lunch and whether I wanted to go to Tooting library to take a look at the comics there), and I had declined his offer. So it was a surprise to receive Deirdre’s phonecall, esp since I saw her just last weekend during the drinking session.

Nevertheless, I called her back, and she came over, and I brought her to have lunch at the roti prata place, opposite my place, even though I already had my lunch of garlic bread. =P Brought her back to my place after that, and talked for a while. Then after she went off, I grabbed a small bite (don’t know why, but been feeling the munchies), and then went to sleep, at 7pm. Guess what time I woke up the next morning – 6.30am!! I went to take a shower, and tried to start on a bit of work. My concentration kept on wandering. One minute, I would be doing work, next, I would be making breakfast, or watching TV, or thinking what to do for the next week, just anything but work itself!

I called home to wish my xiao mei happy 17th birthday! =) Poor girl, she was at the ACJC Invitationals for debate, but it seems that she is enjoying herself even though it’s very stressful. Anyway, she won for that competition against SAJC. =D All I can say is that she ROCKS! Last time, I used to be the argumentative one in the family, and she couldn’t out-argue me at all, now, I think it is the other way around! =P Anyway, the sweetie pie that she is, I feel that she is so busy living her life in JC, that I’m left out. I remember a time when she was very stressed during the ‘O’ level year, and she would always want to talk to me, and email and call me whenever, even though I was here. The time which I went back during Dec, after her exams, we hung out, like sisters, and yet, like friends. She went almost everywhere I went, that means whenever I met my friends in the day or for supper. That was a wonderful feeling. Now I can only hope that she’ll grow into this beautiful, sweet lady, who won’t forget her sister, no matter how far the proximity is, or how long it’s been since we’ve talked.

After that, I finally got down to doing a bit of work. Before I knew it, I was almost late in meeting Deirdre at Wimbledon! She was coming down to my place to cook dinner for me. =) I was actually intending to walk to Wimbledon, which would take about 20-30 mins. Alas, becoz I left the house late, I took a bus there instead, and reached there just on time. =p Showed her around Wimbledon, and we went shopping, and I ended up buying 2 turtlenecks, an peach-coloured, and a grey one, which weren’t too tight, and which only costs 5 pounds each! They were having a clearance sale lah, and guess what, although both were the same kind, I bought one which was size 8 and the other a size 12, simply becoz I couldn’t find size 10, and I looked perfectly fine in both! Anyway, hope these 2 would come in handy, esp during winter. Then we bought food, and went back home to cook.

She did the salmon with salt, pepper and basil herbs, and I learnt how to do a simple yet really nice dish of asparagus wrapped in bacon! It was delicious! And we had trifle and sweet dessert wine after that. Fulfilling meal, while we were watching the Eurovision song contest, and talking. =p Karen joined us for the dinner. After that, she asked to split the bill for the meal, and I didn’t want to, but she insisted, and I was too tired to say otherwise, so we split it 2 ways. Which is quite dumb of me not to include Karen’s share. Oh well…

One thing I was peeved about was the state of the house. I had thought that we, my housemates, particularly Anna (who usually leaves her mess all over the house), had an understanding. If either of us had friends coming over, the other would clear up whatever mess that whoever had left behind. Alas, it was not to be with respect to yesterday. All the dirty dishes and leftover food was left all around the house. I mean, you knew that my friend would be coming over. I did you the courtesy of clearing up the rest of the house, but I will NOT wash your dirty dishes for you. Besides, you can leave a mess of your room, I don’t care, and don’t f***ing leave your mess in the damn common areas that the rest of the house share!! What the … Anyway, the issue of housemates is for another time. =/

Woke up at 8am today, and took a shower in the morning. Wanted to start on work, since I was bright and early and awake! But wonder of wonders, I felt munchy, so went to have the curries that I had bought on Friday, and watched tv at the same time, all the way till 1pm! ARGH…. Then I went online, and saw WL. Was quite surprised, coz I haven’t seen him for a long time, and thought he would have put me on his invisible list. He was someone who had chased me during the better part of my JC, then after a break of a couple of months, that had started again, and just when I comtemplated getting together with him, he had done a 180 degree turn on me instead. But anyway, that was a short conversation, questions and mono-syllabic answers on both sides. Quite strange. Esp since I was the one who msged him. Was just so surprised to see him online. Oh well…

And right now, I’m typing this, not having the discipline to start work. Argh…. Let me whine a little more, and then start… =p

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