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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Don't know why, but these few days, I have not been having a proper good night's sleep. Have been waking up starting for 6am, and every hour thereafter.... i wonder why. I don't think it's because I'm stressed or anything like that, but it just seems that I'm either suddenly a light sleeper, or I get woken up by the sun coming through my window (which isn't much in the first place), or I just automatically get up. Sometimes, I'm rested. On other days, I feel as if I didn't even sleep at all. Haiz... wonder what is happening to me. BTW, think I've been eating too much carbo and enjoying too much nice food for the past few weeks, what with all the junk and ice cream, and pasta (for the past week's dinner), I've decided to abstain a little from meat and carbo for this week, meaning I'm eating vegetarian!! =p Haha... NO, i've not suddenly turned vegetarian, but just having veg for dinner. =)

Right now, I'm in school, at 9am in the morning, coz the lecturer has gotten into an RTA, therefore the lecture would have to be rescheduled. So thought I might as well do a little typing here... Anyway, I have 10 mins to type something... so what should I write??

Ah yes... what I was writing for the previous entry... the ice queen. Just a little about me, or at least what I think I am like. I can say I'm a pretty private person. Whatever you want to know, you can just ask. However, if i feel that you are going out of bounds, then i'll tell u so. And even though you may know my whole life or the bits and pieces that i tell you or you've found out, you still won't know the REAL me. Hell, even I am still finding out in the process... Then again, I'm a pretty simple person, in the sense that what I want is just a simple existence, with someone who loves me, a family to care for, and doing something which I enjoy. Not that complicated, right?

Well... this particular person has been on my mind for a while now. He's the second person ever to just have an impact on me. It's something I can't describe. It's just something which just fizzled when I saw him for the first time. And the more I get to know him, the more intense(?)/greater the feelings I get. Which I consider good and bad. It's gd if it's mutual. But I don't know that. All I do know are his views on getting attached at this point of his life, etc. We're also pretty busy with our own lives, with school, and different group of friends (coz we're from different schools). However, I'm a go-getter kind of person. In other words, if the situation is right, I'll do what i can to get what I want. Whether or not I get it is another thing, but this has been my 'motto' since a long time ago. Ever since my break, I've been getting this urge to just tell him about my feelings. However, something stops me. I dun know... perhaps it is my conservative(??) nature?? or perhaps i'm scared of rejection?? pr perhaps i'm not brave enough to risk it yet?? Or perhaps i'm just not ready? He's also having exams soon, so i don't really want to distract him with this at the moment. Perhaps when i go back home... or maybe after his exams... or maybe i'll just let it lapse. should i let this opportunity pass? or should i grab hold of it? Besides what have i got to lose, right? Moreover, it's something which I feel i should do... at this point in time at least...

ok, right now, think i've blabbered too much. shall stop here, since i've got to go for my next lecture already. Meanwhile, msg me if there are any views, yah.... =)

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