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Monday, May 26, 2003

just destroyed my cd-rom...

i woke up early today.... then again, have been waking up early every day, to the tune of 6-8am. Anyway, my laptop was on the floor. wanted to put it on the table, so picked it up, and *horror of horrors*, i dropped it on one side! it was only a slight drop, from a height of less than 30 cm, but the CD-ROM kind of got destroyed in the process. Okay, maybe not destroyed. It can still read, but it can't close, and i can't keep it closed, unless i stick it closed with scotchtape!! apparently, a part was broken out, and i tried to figure out where to fix it back, but couldn't. Until Karen came to ask me something, and i asked her to help, and she figured out where to put it.

Think my laptop is falling apart!! Not only is the CD-ROM damaged, the battery pack cover has also been chipped, and apparently, my computer has been hanging more frequently, as in when i play my VCDs, it just hangs. =( Very frustrating. I also thinking of getting new component, like an external CD burner, to burn all my data, or a zip drive, or an external hard disk. It would be cheaper than getting a new laptop altogether, and besides, i'm pretty used to this one, since it has been with me for 3 years already. Also, i've upgraded the hard disk space from 5 GB to 20 Gb just last july!! no way am i going to waste that by changing laptops now! Haiz.... i can't use my CD-ROM and my battery pack. this is sad... =(

| Zena caught a falling star on 2:05 pm.