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Monday, May 12, 2003

just a short note for today and this week....

Start of the second week of my Neurology attachment. Went for an outpatient clinic this morning, then headed down to AMH, amidst the heavy downpour that drenched me throughout.... It's gonna be a busy week.... tomorrow is a full day... wed is lectures in the morning, then neurosurgical theatre in the afternoon. Thursday is outpatient clinics again (coz have to make up for it), and after is teaching my juniors back at George's. Friday is lectures in the morning, but hope I dun do anything in the afternoon.... =/

Received my photos today too, from my trip to Mallorca and Ibiza, as well as my long-overdue Singnite photos! Beautiful and spectacular sunsets!! =)

Not to mention, I totally forgot about one particular photo of me and my travel companion, which may be counted as 'indecent' to some people. =p I'll leave it up to ur imagination. =p

| Zena caught a falling star on 8:56 pm.