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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Just a short note today.... I've realised that actually, there's a lot of work to do for my Neurology attachment, even though it seems as if I have lots of free days (Wed-Fri) on my timetable, apart from lectures. Although it is just the second week, there's so much to read up on, and I've told myself to be consistent, therefore I'll have to work harder at it, esp since I'm usually knackered at the end of a long day in the hospital. However, much to mu surprise, I'm enjoying it, the start of this week, even though it's busy, and going to get busier. Think I just need to get into the hang of things, especially after my lull, with the constant study of exams, and my short break after that. Right now, I'm aiming to clerk as many patients as possible to fill my quota for my assessment, before my 5th week. Also, it's pretty enjoyable to talk to patients, and get to examine them. That's where the fun part begins. =p But, it's just the start of getting patients which is the inertia.....

I've been thinking about something unrelated to school for quite a bit now. Not that I consciously want to, but it just comes into my mind. It's basically my feelings for someone, and what I want to do about them. Hmm... think I'm getting weak, not so independent anymore... not good.... I would say that, in the past, I would be quite immune to such feelings, knowing what to do, and that I'll be able to control them. I had other things to concentrate on, and being busy. From what people tell me, I was this ice queen.... No one was able to tell my emotions from my expression, simply becoz I had none/was blank! During the trip, SF also mentioned something to that extent. Something about being aloof and very quiet, that's why he was, at first, quite tentative to start talking to me. Haha... When I have time, perhaps I'll write more here. Remind me.... Right now, it's 2am, and i'm going to zzz now, coz have to wake up at 8am for lectures later! Another full day tmr! This time, I'll be going to see some neurosurgery. =)

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