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Sunday, May 18, 2003

This weekend has been pretty eventful. Quite like to think I spent it meaningfully(?) anyway, let me give a synopsis of everything in a nutshell.... fast one hopefully. Actually i typed a pretty long entry, but it didn't save this morning! argh.... reminds me of FOD....

Anyway, had lectures in the morning on Friday, then I was free for the rest of the day. I decided to not touch work, and read a book instead. Spent the night annotating my photos = writing what happened when those photos were taken. Saturday, woke up early, and did a little work, before going to central london with K, my housemate, to iris' place for lunch, at the same time, met up with stella who had come down from exeter. it's strange really. initially, although we were lab partners, we were never close. i was busy with training, she with council. then it started when we started studying together during prelims. then i brought her in to work at the clinic which i was woring at. Then, think we could tell each other's moods and ups and downs. She was the one who helped me greatly when i came over to london. From helping me to pack and not freak out, to providing support, encouragement, a tie back home and not feeling so homesick, knowing i could turn to her at any time helped a great deal. it didn't make me feel so alone. Now, we're both busy, me with clinics, she with her dissertation. we don't talk much now. Feels as if we're drifting apart, yet not so. Guess it's one of those cases of perhaps true friendship, where you don't feel the need to talk every time or to talk at all, and yet still feel the bond, the closeness.

Anyway, had lunch, talked a bit to her and Iris and BH. BH was so sweet to get me Hamlet, a shakespearian play, and i was advised to read it one act a day. Haha... so sweet and nice. =) then headed down to chinatown to get some sauces and a calling card. After that, went to meet Deirdre at Oxford Circus. thought she was alone, and thought we could just go to a cafe, and sit and talk before meeting SF. But apparently, she was with another friend, so we went shopping instead. Luckily I wasn't that tired, coz i only had 5 hrs of sleep the night before. Heng i didn't burn out for that night... =p anyway, after that, we went to meet SF at Euston tube, and headed down to the UCL Union bar for Fives. It is basically an event in which you pay 5 pounds for the entrance, then all the drinks/shots are 50p that night.

It was the first time I've ever drank so much at one go. Think I had about 10 shots continuously, and we were playing card games, with drinks as forfeits. let me see... i started off with a pint of cider, then had a double vodka red bull, a TRIPLE shot of AFTERSHOCK, 2 jadey cokes (whisky and coke), a triple of malibu, vodka and another alcohol whose name i've forgotten. =p Think i had about 10 shots. And i didn't even have dinner! SF had about the same as me, and surprisingly, he was a tad bit drunk. Thank goodness i wasn't. i mean, i was whoosy, and was a bit unsteady, but i could walk properly and quite straight, and was sober. Jia lat... if not, i wouldn't be able to go back either. =p anyway, Deirdre and SF and i left early, and went to King's Cross for supper, partly to wake me up, and also to allow SF to sit down, and puke if need be. Sent him home, and went back home. called Robby immedaitely after stepping into my house, and got a shelling from robby, who was so pissed at me for not allowing him to bring SF back! WTF..... I mean, I had good reason for stopping for a bloody supper first. Think he thought i was drunk as well. then again, if he thought i was so drunk, he shouldn't have let me go back as well! duhzz..... i was so irritated that i called Deirdre and complained to her.... =/

Today, don't know why, but woke at 7am, even though i slept at 2am. the nice thing is that i didn't have a hangover. just very dry lips. tried to do a bit more work, then went to Ascot to my aunt's place, where it was my uncle's 60th birthday. SF called just before it started, coz i msged him to call me when he woke. It turned out that he had quite a bad hangover, puking a couple of times when he woke, so he took 2 paracetamol. Hope he feels better tomorrow. =) I, on the other hand, had a very gd lunch, and packed dinner home from my aunt! Her cooking is superb... really like it. =)

came home, and was a bit tired.... Maybe becoz got too few hours of sleep, and i was wearing contacts. on the way back, my left side came out! Jia lat... think my eyes were too dry... had to put it back in, coz i didn't bring my case out, and my eyes were so red after that, man... Came home and napped... for quite a while ( a couple of hrs), and woke up at 10pm, had dinner, and now i'm typing this! Haven't even done any work this week... Jia lat....

Okay, going to sleep again... coz i have neurology outpatient clinics at 9am tomorrow at Kingston Hospital, meaning I have to wake up early to travel! Meanwhile, tried a couple of those quizes. =p Fun and short. =)

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