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Friday, May 09, 2003

Today is the Friday, the end of the first week of school, of which I haven't touched any books or any notes, apart from going for 1 day of lectures. Wonder what I've been doing all this while..... Right now is 8.15am, and I'm waiting for change and go to school for an Alcoholism Day, part of my Psychiatry attachment. If it is boring, hope I'll be able to skip the rest of it in the afternoon. =p

Anyway, let me just tell you a bit about my trip last week. Being full of thoughts and feelings and emotions, I can't really describe everything that I felt, but then again, I shan't either, simply becoz some of it is too close and private for anyone to know.


I woke up especially early, at around 7am, just to get ready to leave at 7.45am, so as to be able to meet SF at his tube station by 8.30am. We met, and headed down to Heathrow. It is kind of strange in a way. Let me think now.... how did we manage to book a trip together.... I remember saying that I have a 1 week break at the end of April, and wanted to go somewhere, but by then, everyone else would have just started their new term. Then he msged me one day, saying there was an offer to Palma, and was I interested to go.... Yup... think that's how this came about. The strange thing is that although we talk occasionally on ICQ and meet up during HCN com gatherings, we don't really know each other well at all. You can say just a bit slightly more than an accquaintance. =/ So on the train journey there, it was a bit funny, in the sense that we didn't know what to expect of each other, but we could talk, and both of us were actually quite professional (meaning being superficial yaddah yaddah...), not delving into our personal lives yet. Think I'm a pro liao, coz we're trained to do that when dealing with patients. =p

Anyway, I had my first adventure of the trip. We had checked in our bags, then only AFTER that, I realised that my key chain was a Swiss army knife, and it was still in my pocket!! It definitely won't be allowed through Customs, and since bags were already checked in, SF suggested that I send it back ot myself, esp since it was a gift, and I don't wanna risk losing it. =) I laughed at first, and that was what I did. =P Very soon, we were on the plane. Talked a bit, but now can't remember what it was about. We reached the airport, and it was VERY SUNNY!!! =p=p Collected our baggage, and went to the information counter to find out how to get to our hotel. Decided to take a cab. The cab driver didn't even know how to get there, and it doesn't help that we didn't know how to speak Spanish as well. =/ We finally got there, after a little help from other cab drivers. =p

Went to the hotel, and put down our bags. I was wondering what reaction would SF have, esp since we both knew we're going to be sharing a room.

hmm.... ok.... this may get a little personal.... so if you really want to know what happened, then msg me... and I might let u in.... =p

| Zena caught a falling star on 7:39 am.