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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Well... this is the first time that i've started using this, although my sis and a couple of friends have been using this for a long time. Hope this works better than FOD, and my entries doesn't get lost or I have difficulty logging in, and what have you....

Right now, I'm listening to Switchfoot's You, in the A Walk to Remember Soundtrack. Just watched the movie yesterday again, the second time. I have been procrastinating about how I want to write down everything which happened on my trip to Mallorca and Ibiza, my thoughts, my feelings, my actions. But I'm kind of afraid to here, simply becoz there might be people who know me who actually read this, and actually know who I'm talking about. Perhaps I shall have 2 separate diaries? Then again, some may say that since it is an online diary, anyone has the right to read it, since it is a public blog, whether they know the author or not. I guess we'll just have to see now, won't we? =p

Anyway, this is the start of the 1st week of my 15-month-long 4th year. I've just started my Neurology attachment for 5 weeks, and will switch to Psychiatry for the next 5 weeks, before having an exam, and then *hopefully* flying back home on the day of my exams. =) I'm pretty lucky in the sense that my Neurology attachment is pretty slack, meaning that I don't have to go into hospital that often (which explains why I'm at home even though it is a Thursday). I only need to go in on Mondays for outpatient clinics and Tuesdays to AMH. Wednesdays and Fridays are lectures in the morning, of which I am free in the afternoons. Thursdays is a free day for me, coz I don't have any outpatient clinics, as of now. However, I've made the decision to do a bit of teaching to my juniors - not only can i practise and revise my skills at examining patients, I also can earn money at the same time, and interact with my peers and juniors! Not to mention get out of the house for a while. =) So that's what I'm doing later on, then I'll be going to a classmate's place, coz he's going to teach me how to set up and fix a computer (hardware)! Which I've been wanting to do, but never had the guts or discipline to really find out.

More later on... after I'm back... Perhaps you'll hear about my interesting trip. =p

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