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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Ehhh jie? me hor..dont know where else to leave msg other then here in ur own entry coz u dont have a guestbook (speaking of which do you want me to add in one?) and i dunnoe the damned codings for the tagboard (again, speaking of which would u rather have the tagboard?). argggh!!
and the " | " that stands before my own link also cannot bold...prolly has smth to do with the layout...or smth, i dunnoe lar.

then for this layout don't have archives (yes the layout doesn't have archives. it's not that i DON'T know...okie...so maybe it is...but since I'm doing the redesigning i say it's NOT! hah.).

And hope you like the design...coz u didn't really specify wat colors or type of layouts u wanted on ur blog. if u don't like this...then u gimme a ring or sign my guestbook on my page lar, then I'll change it. yepx! (i know i said I'll only do this on mon...but web designing and all this kinda stuff are pretty addictive...heh.)

ehhh...wad else? oh yeah...i charge. [payment can in the form of a tiffany bracelet. =D]

| Zena caught a falling star on 11:53 am.