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Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Yesterday, I came back from AMH, feeling happy that I've finished my neurology attachment satisfactorily, and could settle down to study that night, for the coming exams. However, when I stepped through the front door, I was greeted with my hosuemate, who told me to read a letter that the landlord had put in our mailbox. It read, '... The above property, which you currently rent on a short-term tenancy agreement, will not be available to let next year, as it is now required for personal use. ... We hope that this is not too inconvenient and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being model tenants.'

Really peeved, coz when my parents came down in the first year, they met the landlord, and he assured them that we would be able to stay till we graduate. However, we didn't write it in the contract, same with the break clause, which my housemates felt that it would be too 'rude' to put that in the contract, and the landlord would get the wrong idea. Meanwhile, we were just sitting ducks, letting to the whim and fancy of the landlord, which has now come full circle. =/

It was a bombshell, and not a good time, simply becoz I was flying home the night I finish my exams, and by the time I'm back, the contract would have ended. As for one of my housemates, she will be in the midst of her exams when the contract ends. =/ ARGh..... Seems like I have to delay flying back, which means I have to pay extra for changing the date of departure, and that ultimately means that I'll have lesser time at home. =(

Hmm... thinking in retrospect, I think the house was giving us hints all the time... First was the boiler breaking down, then the bathroom leaking, then something with the water flow... presence of 'ghost' mice... tv changing colour... neighbour breaking down the adjacent wall... rent being raised LOTS.... Oh well, looking on the bright side of things, at least now I'll be able to NOT procrastinate, and actually move to somewhere cheaper... hopefully. K and I have decided to move together, which is really good. We went to see a place today, but we're not happy with it, so going to give it a wait until next week, when the 5th years have finished their finals, and should be settling abt the accommodation pretty soon. *cross fingers*

Another thing is my ankle. Remember that I tripped over it during my trip? Well, at that time, I thought it was a simple sprina, and it would get better in max 2 weeks. However, it's now the 5th week, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. In fact, it is still painful, I can't run, I can't exercise, I can't wear heels/court shoes (which I need for hospital!), I can't stretch my ankle, and there is still a swelling there. Tried ankle guards, tried some sort of gel to sooth away the pain and the swelling, to no avail. =/

Plus, I have to start packing, as well as start studying for the exams in 5 weeks time! Plus, have to settle my SSM as well! Argh.... This is NOT good... All the problems are coming in torrents and at once! I need to prioritise!! HELP.... =(

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