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Sunday, June 08, 2003

New Layout

Whee!! My sis has just done a revamp of the layout of my blog, and it's so sweet!! Thanks, mei! =P But erm... payment arh..... =P=P Heheh.... just let me know when you are going to change the layout of my blog, k? And hopefully, this time, can put in my archives and my tagboard... =)

This week has been crowded of surprises, both good and bad. Firstly, on Monday, I received my 'eviction' letter from the landlord. I have learnt that business is business, no matter how nice people are to you, sometimes, they just can't be trusted. Nothing is set, unless it is in black and white, therefore, the next time I sign my contract, I hope to be less naive, and put in a break clause, as well as hope to sign it for 2 years, as I do not want to move again next year. Also, on Monday, I got signed off my neurology attachment, which I will miss a great deal, coz this is one attachment I truly enjoyed. I actually think that this might be a viable option should I want to choose a specialty later on.

For the rest of the week, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice a friend is, when I asked if I could put some of my stuff at her place, should I need to. She agreed readily, and she also volunteered other options and alternatives as well. =) Also talked to K, my housemate, and she "wanted both of is to move in together". I mean, for the past 2 years, when I wanted to move, she didn't want to, so I was prepared to move out by myself, so this came as a nice surprise. So we discussed getting a furnished house, compared to an unfurnished place, and what the savings for a year was, and also, if it was cheaper to do DIY if it was unfurnished, considering we'll be staying there for 2 years. What do ya think? Anyway, it would be a good thing, esp since I haven't done DIY for quite a while! =P

Saturday was my mum's birthday. Called her in the morning, before going out to wish her happy birthday! =) Apparently, my elder sis brought them out for dinner to celebrate mum's birthday, and it's the first time she's ever done anything like that, so that was a HUGE surprise. My mum was pleasantly surprised, I must say. =) Then talked to my xiao mei for a while. It's been a while, since I've heard her sounding so chirpy and relaxed, just like her usual self. I guess the school vacation now is a welcome break from school and debate and friends. Gives her time for herself alone, and to study! and sleep! and html-ing! =P

Then yesterday, I went out with Weiming to watch STOMP. Before that, we went for lunch, and when I met him at Bayswater, he had a big mysterious grin on his face! Turns out that he had gotten a first for his BSc, and in addition to that, he got a prize for being the top! Congrats! Hehe... so he said that the lunch was a treat from him. =D Royal China was crowded, so we went to Jade Garden in Chinatown instead. I must say, the food was pretty good, and it's also not too expensive at that! Then, we made our way to Charing Cross. Blur me, didn't know where the theatre was, so we took a bit of a walk. And esp since I was in heels and a skirt, walking wasn't a viable option! =p Nevertheless, we found it, watched it, and it was fantastic! I'm just so amazed at the things that were used to make music, ranging from pots and pans to matchboxes to rubbish bins to sinks to oil barrels and rubber spongy-like tubes to car hubcaps! Most of these, we would associate with making 'noise', not music! It was just awesome, and the audience participation was really fun too! After that, we took a walk along the river, crossing the Hungerford and Millennium bridges, all the way to St Paul's, and just sat down and talked. Simply luxurious. =) Haven't done that with him for a while liao.

After that, we went off for our respective dinner appointments. Coz I needed to return Teck Yong something, but couldn't get thru his phone, Litong was nice enough to get me from the tube station. =) Haven't seen him for a while, but must say he looks really tanned. Must be from all the hiking done in Scandinavia. =) Anyway, apparently, that bugger (Teck Yong) didn't realise that that was my number, and cut me off. Alamak..... That's why he didn't pick up his phone or didn't call back. =/ And he has a lot of stereotypes about females. HMPH!! ... from not playing warcraft (which I do, at times), to not learning programming, to not fixing computers, etc. Guess I'm not your average type of female then. =P

Anyway, they brought me to Mawar (finally been to the place, after hearing so much about it), and I had a nice dinner of mee goreng (which actually tasted like char kuay teow! =P) and lychee juice! Yum yum! =) Somewhere in the day, I found out from Zitong (he called while i was with Weiming), and TY and Litong that there was an offer from Lee's Travel, retun to Singapore on Singapore Airlines, for only 170 pounds!! Damn cheap, so even though I already have my ticket, I was debating whether or not to change the departure date, right now, I can change it without any hesitation! =D Although I'll be penalised 180 pds for cancelling that ticket, I'll get a refund of 400 pds, and just pay 170 pds from that amount for a later departure date. I'll still get back roughly around 200 pds, which isn't too bad still. =) Just hope there are still tickets for the departure date which I also want. Also, being the really 'nice' person that I am, I informed K of the offer, and asked if she wanted to go back. So now, we are coming back on the same day, and therefore, we would be able to share the cab fare when we come back to London! =P Will also have someone on the trip with me. Kill 2 birds with one stone. =P Hehe...

Ok, think I've spent quite a long time on the computer already. Right now, instead of procrastinating any further, I'm going to do some prioritisation.
1) Read my SSM and write out the proposal, TODAY.
2) Do my exam timetable (exams are in 5 weeks!!!)
3) Finish up my neurology notes
4) Read up a bit on clerking psychiatry patients, since I'll be starting on my psychiatry firm tomorrow, for the next 5 weeks!
And that must be done before the night is over!
5) Start with studying/revision by tomorrow!!

I'm happy. Seems like everything is working out fine. Now, just hope I find a nice place to live in for the next 2 years. Over and out. =)

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