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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Continuation of the 2nd fortnight

Sunday, 3 Aug

Had a mahjong game at my place, with Litong, Deirdre and Mervyn. Picked them up at Serangoon MRT, and played till abt 10pm. Mervyn had left earlier, but he won the most! Anyway, drove Deirdre and Litong to Chomp Chomp and had supper. Nice time. Learnt a bit abt mahjong too!! =)

Monday, 4 Aug

Met Hsin Hui for dinner at Plaza Singapura, together with Stella, Derick, Yuanyi, and ms wong. Huilin came later on, simply becoz she had to give me back the films which i gave her in london. It was good meeting up. =)

Tuesday, 5 Aug

Went to JB with dad. Wanted to do contact lenses, but checked my eyesight, and not much change. decided to just wash my contacts more often, and when i'm back, then i make a new pair, as dad thinks that it is really too expensive. So just bought the solutions. Met sapphire and Baolun that evening for dinner, i think. we had thai food, then cofffee, and lots of talking. =)

Wednesday, 6 Aug

Fetched Corinna to sch, but there was soo much delay that she was late for school, no matter how much i rushed. Sent her first, then went back home to pick up mum and dad, before driving to the airport. was supposed to have an RJC talk for SMSL, but instead, sat a 4hr+ plane ride to perth. =P Walked round a bit of town after we checked in to the hotel. Met Ailing for the first time later that evening. She brought us to Oriel's cafe to sit and talk. they have some really fantastic cakes and biscuits there! Not forgetting the big bowl of fries!! =P

Thursday, 7 Aug

Woke up at 6am. Supposed to wake up at 5.30am, but becoz came back really late last night, and overslept, till the phone rang! =O Anyway, we went to the Pinnacles. Such a long journey on the bus, but the driver was a gd conversationalist. =) Saw a beach with the mediterranean sea as well. went for dinner with Ailing. she brought us to the suburbs for shopping and dinner. Went round trying out jeans, and finally bought underwear instead, coz it was on sale! =P

Friday, 8 Aug

Another early day. This time, we woke at 6am, and wasn't late. =p Went down for breakfast first, then we headed down to see Waverock. It's an even longer journey than the pinnacles! slept on the coach a bit. went to the country town of York, Kondini, etc, then headed down to Hippo's Yawn, Mulka's Cave, and Waverock. Also saw a dog cemetery! =p Was supposed to go out with ailing later in the night, but she decided that she wanted to do a bit of work. Besides, the coach came back pretty late, so it was just as well. Had an early night.

Saturday, 9 Aug

Singapore's National Day. Happy Birthday! We woke up later, had breakfast, then walked around town a bit before taking a train and going to Fremantle. Headed to the Fremantle Prison, where we had a wonderful tour guide, and an extremely informative tour of abt 3 hrs! After that, we headed to the markets, coz mum wanted to buy abalone. after that, the shops started closing already, so we went back to Perth city via train, and mum went to Burswood casino with her colleague, while i stayed in the hotel room and waited for ailing to call, either to go clubbing or to go drinking. but she dua2 me.. =( haiz... but anyway, had a gd sleep either way. =p

Sunday, 10 Aug

Woke up late, had breakfast, and took the CAT bus down to see the Western Australia Museum in the late morning, then continued with the Art Gallery, before heading to Northbridge for dim sum lunch. Luckily, coz it poured heavily while we were having lunch! Anyway, after tat, headed to the city centre to shop for a while, before the shops closed. Bought a mink eskimo coat for only A$37.50! =p Met ailing later that night, and she brought us to see king's park (on top of the hill), with the night lights, then Burswood Casino, and headed down to Oriels again for fries and coffee!! =P

Monday, 11 Aug

Woke early, had breakfast, then walked along Hay street to get bikinis!! It was really cheap, and i even got a set for A$10!!=D Then we had to go back, met my mum's colleague, then headed down to northbridge to get the famous apple strudel. After eating it, i must say that it is damn good... =) Then we went to the airport, and flew back to singapore, arriving at 9pm at night. Went home, then crashed. =p

Tuesday, 12 Aug

Think i woke late, then went down to buy SAT books with corinna, then headed home for dinner. Also went down to DBS at s. gardens to settle the bank thingy once and for all.

Wednesday, 13 Aug

Woke, and went down to VJC for the JC talk. the turnout was pretty good. =) also met this guy Andrew Cai, who left a gd impression. =P hehe...

Thursday, 14 Aug

Met Andrew and John for lunch. had sushi. Andrew met his gf there as well. Man, she's either damn insecure, or ultra rude, but oh well... anyway, then rushed down to city hall to meet the freshers and bring them book buying. after that, met aggie, and had a good talk with her.

Friday, 15 Aug

Litong had asked me the day earlier if i was interested in going to sentosa on friday. i said ok, as there was supposed to be 10 pple going, and i knew half of them, 1 of which was a girl. However, when i actually went there, i was the only girl present amongst 8 guys! Nevertheless, it was a great day, and i had lots of fun playing with them. They are really jokers, man. =) After that, i went down to Orchard, alighting at Somerset with Zunjie, and went shopping with him a bit first, then we separated to meet our own friends. He really worked out a lot. of the 8 guys there that day, his bod was the most prominent 6-pack! The rest also had 4-6 packs lah, but his was really defined. =p nice guy. =)

Met cailing for dinner, talking and updating each other. it's as if i've never left, and everything is still the same! =)

Saturday, 16 Aug

didn't do anything much. just stayed at home and cleared my cupboard, and went to the temple to pray. taught corinna a little maths, then went for the biking expedition. a few mins after i left the house, it poured heavily. =( sad, man... the group of us, mervyn, kaiying, robby and weiliang, we met at harbourfront MRT, stayed there for an hr while it rained, then cycled thru the 'lighter' rain to Lau Pa Sat, then stayed there till 4am, while it still rained, so called my dad to fetch my back. =p so paiseh... not a very successful expedition lah, but it was a gd experience nonetheless. =)

Sunday, 17 Aug

Stay home today. woke up late, then settled my photos, then went to see my third uncle, fetched my sis to and from tuition. Had a nice time at home. =)