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Sunday, August 03, 2003

hello hello... long time no hear from me, right? Well, been pretty busy since I came back from London. As such, I haven't started my project yet! ARGHHH... Ok, Right now, I'll try to summarise my past fortnight. =p

18 July, Friday

Flew back to Singapore in the evening. Helped Stella bring some things back to SG. Was an eventful day, will post more details of it in another entry.

19 July, Sat

Arrived in the evening, at 7pm, at Changi Airport. due to some circumstances, my luggage was lost, therefore, I went home with Stella's stuff instead of my own! =O

Had dinner, talked a bit to my family, then in the evening, went for supper with my cousins and auntie at Aljunied. Went back home, and talked till abt 5am to my dad (mostly) and mum. Think might be having jet lag?? =p

20 July, Sun
Woke up late, in the afternoon, then fetched my sister for tuition in the afternoon. In between, read the previous days' newspapers. At night, think I watched a bit of tv?? Slept late again, think it's due to jet lag.

21 July, Mon
Woke up late, in the afternoon, by which time, my sister came home from school. my DAd had taken leave, so we went to the bank to open a joint acct, then Sim Lim to fix my laptop, then to town to open a securities acct, for me to trade in shares, etc. talked to xiao mei at night, at night, tutored her in Maths C. Was quite bad, considering that i couldn't remember much, and it seemed that i taught her the wrong thing, coz the next day when she came back, she told me so. =(

22 July, Tues
Woke in the afternoon again, after starting to fetch my sis to sch at 7am every morning. Went to my elder sis's office to have lunch with her, after being 1 hr late. =p Coz Tim had called, and was talking to him regarding SMSL stuff. But anyway, after that, we played pool (coz her office has a pool table!), and I would have beat her flat, if only I didn't pot in the black ball... =/ Taught my sis some maths on Algebra and mathematical induction, after *consulting* my JC maths books. =p Watched 'First Touch' at night.

23 July, Wed
Went to HCJC for the JC talk organised by SMSL. Also met Stella and Ms Wong, and talked to them for a bit, before the committee headed to Sixth Avenue for coffee and a committee meeting. Went home abt 8 plus.

24 July, Thurs
did a bit of reading for my SSM in the afternoon, considering i woke up late again. =p Then drove the car to Orchard in the evening, where litong, from my hcn com, had organised a dinner at Nooch. First time i saw sf since i came back. Then we headed to the cafe at Borders for coffee, then i sent sf and jiaen back. didn't realise tat jiaen stayed so near me, in hougang!

25 July, Friday
Woke a little earlier, and read a bit more of journal articles for my SSM. then headed to Toa Payoh with Yuanyi for lunch first, before meeting the rest of the gang. It's the first time i saw yuanyi since she flew over to london and france for a holiday. had a gd time catching up with them, and was telling zihui abt the pros and cons of living overseas. was pretty fruitful, i think. =p Went home for dinner, then later on in the night, went over to my auntie's place to bring my cousin out for supper, since he was flying back to aussie on sun.

26 July, Sat
Woke early, coz had a lot of things to do that day!! Firstly, headed to Serangoon Gardens with my parents to the bank first, followed by Sim Lim to get my laptop and check out the prices of external burners, then to NYJC, coz my sis was having 'meet the parents day'. Met her teachers, of which i must say that they are kind of 'useless', considering that her Ct tutor only sees them once a week for 30 mins-1hr. And her GP tutor is so very biased against her, coz it seems like she doesn't like students to speak their mind against her opinions. =/

Then had a quick lunch of mee siam!! before heading down to Traders Hotel for the pre-departure talk, which I was in charge of. In the end, i was slightly late, but it was pretty successful. Got to talk to quite a number of freshers going to my sch. Jeff came down, and cheryl as well, for the whole time, even though i didn't even ask them to come, which was pretty nice of them to. =)

After that, headed down to Subway with cheryl, jeff and noah (a fresher) for dinner, then home, and just crashed. too tired from the day's work. =p

27 july, Sunday
Had a lazy day, fetching my sis to and from tuition, reading newspapers, and reading my journal stuff for my SSM.

28 July, Monday
Went swimming with Deirdre in the late morning. Was almost late, coz i woke up late! =/ Anyway, swam quite a bit, considering i haven't swam for ages! Then we went back to my place, showered, had lunch and talked for a bit before deirdre left. Stayed at home to teach my sis Trigo, and try to do my stuff, but to no avail!

29 July, Tuesday
Jessie came over to my place after her work, and we talked for a bit. Then I went jogging. Jia lat. forgotten how bad my stamina was, and i didn't like jogging! =p Only jogged 3 rounds, and i was panting like mad!

30 July, Wednesday
Had the JC talk at NJC in the afternoon, after reading a bit of my SSM in the morning. I gave the JC talk that day, which wasn't so bad. =) Then i stayed back as tim and ira needed to talk to me. They are going away for YEP, and therefore they wanted me to take over the head, as they felt that i was the most responsible and trustworthy person to oversee everything while they were away. =)

Then tim drove me to Orchard, as i was late in meeting yuanyi at Kino. =p But we had a gd dinner with deirdre at Dong Hai, followed by dessert at NYDC! Had a gd time talking! =)

31 July, Thursday
Left at ard 10 plus, went to bank at Serangoon Gardens (yes, again, due to some admin error, which my dad was so pissed off with), then headed to JB, ate lunch, cut hair, played pool, played tennis, then headed back, without making my contacts, coz of insufficient time, considering i had a dinner appt. =/

Met Sapphire (my junior from sec sch, now in Dentistry) and Baolun for dinner at City Hall. Headed to somewhere to have Thai food, followed by coffee at Pacific Coffee, and an exchange of photos. Gd catch-up. =)

1 Aug, Friday
Stayed at home, and tried to read as much of my journals as possible, before heading out to Orchard to look for a bikini (bought a sports bra in the end) for my Sentosa session. =p Jialat, didn't realise that there were no more buses going to Orchard from my place, due to the NEL. haiz... ended up almost getting lost. =/ Then met the freshers for a George's gathering. Went to Nooch for dinner, where the wait for longggg for the 16 of us. Wasn't too bad, then we headed to forum for coffee, and talked for a bit. Hope they got to bond with one another, and hope that the gathering was useful in the first place! Left earlier, as i had to go to jessie's place to get beach shorts. =/ Ended sleeping late, ard 2am. Shack that day, man! =p

2 Aug, Sat
Had lunch at home first, then packed my stuff, and headed to Sentosa! Met Jessie at Serangoon MRT. Had a gd time playing volleyball at Sentosa, after 6-7 years of not touching the vball!! It was gd sparring with Jess and Darryl. Had to get my feel of the ball back mah. =p

Then headed to Suntec to meet my younger sis. that day, she had a debate at some SMU seminar, and her team won first prize. So proud of her. =D Met her coach, and had dinner at NYDC! Very vocal person, and exchanged a bit of views, which wasn't too bad. =p Ended up home at 1 plus. Ultra shack, man... =p

3 Aug, Sunday
Couple of friends coming to play mahjong! =p