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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

1st 2 weeks of Term B

Heya diary,

Have been really busy these few weeks. Right now, I'm in the school library taking a break in between clinics and theatre.

Saturday, 30 Aug 2003
Woke up early, went to the temple, then went off to the airport with my family. Was supposed to go to Business Class, coz got upgraded the previous trip back. However, my baggage limit still followed the ticket, which says 20kg (apparently according to the officer there), but i got 50kg worth of stuff! Must be all the books which I was bringing back... =p anyway, finally he agreed to give me 45kg. =p

So happens, jianyun was also on the same flight. went with my family to have some lunch, coz my sis needed to go back to school after that. After a long wishy-washy time, we finally settled on Coffee Bean. Had sumptous cheesecake. =D

Flew back for 12 hours, met Palani (my junior) on the flight (he got upgraded as well), ate loads of good food like salmon, lobster, satay, etc on the flight, went past the Fast Track at customs. got a longggg queue for trolleys at Heathrow, but at the end of it, got my luggage, and went back by cab, which i had booked before i left. Palani came along, since it was on the way, and so cab fare was shared! =D

Sunday, 31 August 2003
Set up my room, cleaned it, and arranged the shelves and everything else in the drawers. Unpacked... a little... didn't have dinner, coz had jet lag and fell asleep.

Monday, 1 September 2003
Had jet lag, so woke early, and left bright and early for school. Had a whole day of Paeds lectures.

Tuesday, 2 September 2003
Whole day of Paeds lectures.

Wednesday, 3 September 2003
Had Gynae lectures. Then met Stan for lunch, where he updated me on what had happened while I was gone. Then we went to the bank and went for a walk to Springfield, talked more there, then headed back.

Thursday, 4 Sept 2003
Whole day of lectures at St Helier's.

Friday, 5 Sept 2003
Whole day of lectures at St Helier's. Went back to