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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

i have finally finished my obstetrics & gynaecology firm. Going to get signed off tomorrow, provided i go for the outpatient clinics. have a ward round in the morning as well. luckily this time it is at 8.30am, and not 7am. =/ the previous few weeks have been hectic yet not so hectic, busy yet not so busy as well. Oh well, went to the gym yesterday, and it felt fantastically great just working out, without anyone waiting for anyone, or anyone else waiting for me, and i went at a time when there were few people, and i was the only female in the gym. it seemed that everyone was waiting for me to start on the machines, before they started onj their reps. haha... =p

anyway, dead beat now, so going home to crash for quite a bit first, before i really start work tonight. definitely must finish catching up on ALL my lectures!!!! =/