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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

stupid computer.... can't let me access it yesterday...

anyway, here's a continuation.

Friday, 5 Sept 2003
Had lectures at St Helier's. After that, went back to school to borrow some books out of the library. Met John and Palani there, and ended up talking from 5 plus till the library closed (9pm). Headed off to my place, since it was 5 mins away, to continue. It was nice just hanging out, calling takeaway and chilling out.

Saturday, 6 Sept 2003
Chilled out, and tried to do some work, but failed to. =( Went down in the evening to have dinner with Zitong in central london, then headed down to weiming's place to meet up and eat crepes! Rencheng was there too, so we had a great time arguing about philosophy and the education and health systems.

Sunday, 7 Sept 2003
Woke up a little late, called home, then went to buy groceries, came back and tried to do a bit of work.

Monday, 8 Sept 2003
Start of my O&G firm. Just realised that my consultant is the one who wrote the 'ten teachers' reference textbooks. *-_-* Jia lat... now don't know if i should get the book or impey's.

Went for Gynae clinic in the morning, then tutorial, and then headed to the bank to cancel my standing order and get a new PIN (coz i forgot my PIN, and therefore now have no cash!), and they said it would take a couple of days to receive my PIN. Then headed back to school for another tutorial at 5pm, only to find out that it was cancelled! Then met Stan for him to tell me what has been happening with peng and his loan and the electives, etc.

Went back home, talked to K and Una. Forgot to be a *itch to K, and just be civil, instead of talking so much! =( haiz...

Tuesday, 9 Sept 2003
Came to attend the Early Pregnancy Unit at 9am, only to find that my partner had already gone in and didn't even tell me! and only 1 student is allowed. ****.... So went to go clerk a patient instead for this afternoon's ward round. she was so lovely!! and now, here i am.

going for Gynae theatre now. Hope it won't be that bad. =) Litong is coming over later.

Wednesday, 10 Sept 2003
Was at the hospital for a ward round at 7.30am, but the team wasn't there, so went to go and find them at 7.50am, after waiting around. When i came back to the wards at 8am, they were coming out of a patient's room, and i was told off for being late and should make more effort to come in!! what the *toot*?!?!? and she just looked at me, expecting my to apologize, so i did. didn't want to argue with the consultant early in the morning, and on the 3rd day of the firm. =( and my partner had told me to meet in the ward, and there she was, with the team this morning, and when i asked her about it, she said 'where got?' what the .....

after that, went for antenatal clinic. the pregnant ladies were so lovely, and i felt lots of babies' heads! =) then stood in the theatre for 5 hours continuous! omg.... my legs were going to go, man... i can now safely confirm that the likelihood of me going into surgery is minute.... after that, went to the gym!! Finally made my membership card with the school gym, with lots of procrastination for the past 3 years. Now, since I've paid for the year's membership, think I'm going to start off by going twice a week, and slowly build that up to almost everyday! Think I'll be able to do it?? hmmm... we'll see.

At this rate, i'm going to crash after friday. everything is just so packed from 7.30am to 7pm!! jia lat, man... This is even worse than surgery or medicine, excluding on-calls though... =p

Till later....