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Friday, November 28, 2003

I'm having my paediatric assessment in 15 mins and i'm the first.... and i'm scared stiff..... jia lat, man....

anyway, there won't be much update these 3+ weeks, i think. that's becoz i'm having exams in that time frame. After that, i'm off to Italy!! =p Then i'm back in London again, but instead of flying off to Brussels (which I was supposed to, but decided to forego it), I'll be staying in London to do my project, and but goodness, I need to START AND FINISH IT before my new term starts! so that leaves barely 1.5 weeks to get the articles, of which I already have 40 over i think.... , read it, and collat everything together, to make a 7000 word report, excluding references!! argh.... Must rush, must rush.... but must say, it has been a fulfilling term so far... and i've had different thoughts about various people... the next time i write, a reminder to write about hcn 2003, yongwei's b-day party, the SMSL recruitment drive, these few weeks doing Paeds and the pple in it (eg Jeff??), Spanish, vball and bball. =)

Meanwhile, off to my doom now. =(

see ya later...