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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Saturday 8 November 2003

Hey diary dearest, haven't heard from me for a long time, yeah?? Well, lots of things have happened in the past 4 weeks, so let me just tryyyy to summarise it... =p

Firstly, I can't type fast or write properly, coz i sprained my wrist!!! argh!! Sprained it during my vball match on Thursday against King's. This is worse than the previous time I sprained my other wrist. I totally forgot that I had hurt my wrist, such that at various times, like this morning, almost dropped the kettle that I had picked up, or at yesterday's friend's houseparty, I had picked up a bottle of wine to pour for me and a friend, and I spilt it, coz i couldn't grasp the bottle properly!! argh... now can't even go for bball training tmr.... =( me sad....

Anyway, what has happened between me and my consultant. Well, in the last week of my O&G attachment at Kingston, I attended every single day, and I got signed off by another consultant whom i was attached to on that week's thurday morning, after Day Surgery. But after that, I still attended the female consultant's U/S scanning session that afternoon, as well as her antenatal clinic on Friday morning, as I felt that I still had a lot to learn, and wanted to practice more on my examinations. After that ANC session, the female consultant took my book, and went on a big hoo-ha abt she doesn't think it is appropriate that I should get the other consultant to sign me off (what the ***?? esp when i'm attached to 2 consultants), and that she doesn't agree with the grades he has awarded me (all excellences. =p), and that she is going to call the other consultant to 'discuss' it, and told me to come back for my book later on. Went back on 2 separate occasions, and there I found out that she had called the other consultant whom I was attached to and had a big arguement, she also called the consultant at George's (the one I was attached to during my first 3 weeks), and when she couldn't reach him, she told me that a letter has been sent to the med school!! **gasp** am I such a big fry that she had to make a big hoo-ha to fry me??? bloody hell... the following week, monday, I went to consult vice-dean of the sch, who is incidentally my personal tutor, as well as the head of the department of O&G, and the school Club, which handles lots of stuff like this. I also received lots of well-meaning advice from my fantastic housemates, who are ever-unwavering in their support of what I intend to do, and for their help in refining my letter. I decided to write an 'informative' letter to the dean of the med school, and not a formal complaint for the time being. And it has been hand-delivered to all the relevant parties last week Thursday. Now I can only hope and pray that it won't affect my grades or portfolio in any way. And there I was procrastinating, and not wanting to hand in the letter!

Apart from that, I 've started my paediatrics firm this week. So far, it's been alright, with lots of tutorials, and presentations to do, but I think I've learnt a great deal, and now it is all I can do to remember it!! =) Partnered with Jeff for my presentation on Tues, a fellow Singaporean, who was my senior, but dropped down a year, coz he did a BSc. didn't know what to make of him initially, coz he has really erratic mood swings, and all the encounters i've had with him has not been impressive. was a bit apprehensive at first, but right now, I know a little bit more abt him. Suffice to say that he is a very private person, and is very intense and focussed on work, and yet can be social yet distant at the same time. Damn smart too, and hardworking. I'm actually starting to like him. That's a gd sign. =) And we seem to develop a rapport of making fun of each other during this week, in front of our group, so much so that someone thought that we were married. *fainted and fallen to the ground* =p

Anyway, attended Hwa Chong Nite 2003 last Sat (1 Nov). Went over to deirdre's place earlier, coz she wanted to go shopping first, but in the end, we ended up ironing my skirt, playing the piano and singing in the laundry room!! Hahaha... Oh well... it was a gd night to meet up with various people. Had a few glasses of bubbly (champagne) during the reception, and was a bit tipsy after that (coz it was on an empty stomach!!) Ate, played table games, talked to lots of people, and it was gd particularly to talk to adrian (he's a nice guy. =P), and finally managed to take a photo with weiliang, then danced the mass dance with Alex. could remember the dance steps so well that adrian thought i was a counsellor. hahaah... =p danced on the disco for a bit, and went to talk to more people, and sweet weiliang took my hand and pulled me to the dance floor when progressive house started playing, and we danced with the same group of us who went to fabric (SF and deirdre)!! =D It was a gd night. =) went for supper after that at leicester square with weiliang and shyan and d.

this week, had a vball match against king's on tues, which i sprained my wrist. so sickening. now can't play bball... =( but gave Stan, my housemate, his birthday present of a cool turquoise-blue-grey tie. Matches his shirts and him so well. =) Wonder why i have such gd taste in men's attire, while mine is in drips and draps, apart from office clothes?? =/ yesterday, spoke to elaine, my team mate in vball, for quite a bit. haven't spoken to her before, as she just transferred from cambridge, and i just joined the team. but it felt as if we were old friends! =) watched matrix revolutions in the evening (was such a letdown), before going for my friend's house party, where I spoke to elaine most of the night!! =P Fantastic girl. gtg clubbing or drinking some time! =P

Ok, starting from now is the task to complete everything that I set out to do for this weekend, which means starting to study for my exams in 4 weeks time!! argh.... haven't done a time table yet though.... coz still have a lot of catching up and reading up to do, and lots of coursework (aka essays) and logbook of cases to do!!! help!!!! =)

BTW, am now on friendster... seems pretty cool.. hehe... =p