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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Year 4, Term B - Synopsis

This term has been quite fruitful for me, and I must say that it is one of the best which I have enjoyed so far. Not because I didn’t get to go to any discos, or that I was in George’s most of the time, but because this is the term which has kept me the most busiest, the term which I ventured out to do things alone, really on my own, and I surprised myself at how focused I can be, how my skill of time management wasn’t lost, how much I have learnt.

For the first half of 15 weeks of term, I did my O&G attachment, half at George's, half at Kingston. I've already written about what had happened with the consultant involved, and the dean has gotten back to me on it, asking me if I want to pursue it further, making it formal. At this point in time, I dun think I'll pursue it, other than to let the parties involved know that such incidents have happened. From what I've heard from the students after me, it seems that she has gotten the message, and are treating the students better. Whether it is because they are actually better than me, or because the HOD has talked to her, I dun know, but it appears that she has changed her approach.

HCN 2003 has taken place, and I've also noted what happened during that night. Nothing much really, just catch-up with friends, look good, and take lots of photos. =P

The following 7 weeks was consumed by Paediatrics, Spanish, volleyball and SMSL. Firstly, just a week before HCN 2003, we had the first ever George's gathering organised by yours truly, at my place. It wasn't that bad, i thought. most of the freshers and some of the 2nd years, and jeff and suji came, which was good enough. Though K is at the same site, and I know she has exams, she could have at least showed some support, or come down to say hi. I thought it was really very rude of her. Oh well, it's how she wants to behave, i supposed. Then again, she doesn't really care.

Then we had Yongwei's (one of the george's jnrs, not the one i went on holiday with. =p) birthday party on 14 November (Fri). That night, i actually skipped his dinner, and went for another dinner given by NHG's Dr Jason Cheah, to meet the committee people before the SMSL Recruitment Drive on 15 Nov (Sat). Anyway, after the dinner at Baker Street's Royal China (had a sumptous meal, btw!), i went over to Tim's place to take off my top (i was wearing 2 layers, the lower layer being a clubbing top! =p), then proceeded to walk down to Leicester square via Oxford circus and tottenham court rd late that night. Never will i do it again, though the walk was refreshing. =p Headed to this R&B bar at Shafesbury Avenue, where Yongwei held his party. Great night, danced a lot (didn't know I could dance to R&B) with Elaine, and dominic and one of the SGean juniors Jon. It was quite fun, as I haven't been out to club for ages, not counting HCN! I didn't even go clubbing when I was back home in SG! Strange... it's expensive though with the drinks. Drank 3 consecutive tequila shots, and was damn high, amidst the rest of the cocktails i was drinking. Think I drank too much too fast, that at the end of the night, I puked my guts out once. After that, got home safely via a cab shared with Yongwei and his housemate at 4am in the morning. And i woke up 4 hrs later, at 8am, as i had to go down for the SMSL recruitment drive!! Thank goodness i didn't have a hangover, man. =P Had the SMSL event, it was a great success, with almost the whole lecture theatre occupied. =)

That was the last time since i went down to central london. For the rest of the time, I was busy with Paeds, everyday having something, or being on-call, or being on the wards clerking patients, or in the library looking up on conditions seen during the day, or having tutorials, or doing presentations, or in outpatient clinics. Also i was on the panel of one interview session for prospective students, the next few session being in Jan or March. Jeff asked if we could clerk patients together a couple of times. Either that, or I saw him on the wards after my on-call, and we end up going together to clerk patients. I've learnt from him that there is so much to learnt from different patients, each is different, and my memory is not as gd, meaning i can't remember everything unless i write down immediately after interviewing them. He's a gd worker, and we're the opposite, yet so similar. Played a basketball game with him as well, after one of my volleyball sessions as they didn't have enough people. I sucked big-time, considering i haven't played for a long time, and dun really bother with the rules of the game. =/ Realise I've been going to the library more often as well, because jeff is there, and also because I work better there than at home, to a certain extent, and that is only for weekdays. It's gd that Jeff is there, coz most if not all the time, he'll come over and see what i'm doing, and usually, i'll have questions, and he'll answer them for me, and if he doesn't know, he'll actually look it up and let me know. =) He can be really annoying at times though. There was once we had just clerked a patient, and when we went up to the locker room at the med sch, he asked me to join him in the school bar for a bit, which i did. And we talked, personal stuff, and nothing related to medicine. in other words, relationships. Hah... can't believe it.

In the midst of this, had volleyball training and matches, as well as going to the gym at least twice a week, something which i joined a couple of weeks back, but because of my past experience of playing vball competitively, i dun have much of a problem integrating and playing the game. It's gd as i'm on the school team too. Hope to be for basketball in the coming term, if only i can get myself down to trainings on sunday evening. =/ On Tues evenings before training, i have beginner Spanish classes! It's really basic, such that a friend who is taking Spanish classes in SG, wrote me an email in Spanish, and i couldn't understand half of it! jia lat... =/

Coming home late at night after training or the library at around 10pm is something which i find actually gd, if not lonely, in a sense. I use the time walking back home to think abt what i need to do for the night, or what i have done in the day, or think abt my impressions of various people, or to cool down, or to take a break from books and medicine and just enjoy the cold air. It's independence at its best, and loneliness at its worst. Strangely enough, I like it. I like being alone, as you don't need to accommodate anyone's feelings, or make small talk, or be interactive when u dun want to. you have your private space and your own world to retreat into for shelter. My housemates are great in that when i come back, they are usually gathered in the kitchen making food or drink while i make my dinner, and we catch up with one another's happenings for the day or week. It's a great feeling to be able to talk crap with the locals (everyone but 1 in my household are british locals), and with just friends, and that they understand you. =)

Next term, i'll be doing General Practice at Wallington (bloody far away... ) first, followed by Cardiology at George's, then Geriatrics at Heliers, each for 5 weeks. Then it will be exams yet again. I found that for this term's (Term B) exams, i did really consistent work, and started studying for the exams late, like just 1+ week before, but it seemed to stick in my mind more than the previous times in which i started studying like 4 weeks earlier. It helps that there was someone, or rather my whole paeds grp, to keep me on my toes for the whole firm, everyone being hardworking, and i was able to get along with all but 1 of them, as in click and work well. It wasn't a torture, in fact, it was a real pleasure working with all of them. =) I wonder how next term's will be like. All i know is that i have to try to be consistent, and be interested to learn and read up on conditions at the end of the night, instead of procrastinating till the weekend. Paeds has been a good eye-opener for me to see what i'm lacking, and learn from it. thank goodness for that. Then again, everything happens for a reason, be it gd or bad, therefore there is a lesson to be learnt from it, and i hope i have picked it out.

Gd nite everyone. I'll be around the whole of next week trying to START as well as FINISH my project, 1 5000-7000 word critical analysis, excluding references. Till later....