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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dearest Blog,

It has started snowing in London. Drops of it started yesterday. It's just a nice change from the cold dreary weather, especially when now, the sun is rising at an earlier time, and setting at a later time as well. Brings me back to think about how it snowed after Christmas in my first year in London. That was the first time i woke up to a white Christmas morning! Boy, was it a lovely feeling! It's just that now, since I'm based out of London for my GP firm in Wallington, I have to walk in the blardy cold. Even my hair (longer than the spiky one i had a few months back) can't protect my ears now!

Have perked up slightly after the melancholic reflection of my previous term's results, and the support from various people. Thanks. =) I just get reflective and depressed for a short period of time. Guess it's my way of coping with the situation. Mellow for a while, be sad for a while, try to figure out what went wrong for a while, then push it out of my mind, and get on with my life. As such, I've been playing regular sports, with squash. Am having a basketball match this sunday, and a volleyball cup match next Tuesday. Played 1 game of badminton after 1 of my basketball training sessions. Found that I wasn't that bad after all! =)

Half-organised a CNY dinner for the Singaporeans in conjunction with the International Students Society in George's, and over 40 people turned up for the dinner at Chinatown! =D Great success, and considering we ordered quite a bit of dishes (12 for my table of 11), it came up to 12 pds per person, inclusive of yusheng (each plate was abt 35 pds!), rice, tea and service charge. It's quite a gd deal, i must say. the rest went for drinks after that, while Stan and I headed back home. Bumped into Noah and Jeff, who had left a couple of minutes earlier than us. Ended up buying coffee from Starbucks, and walking down Leicester Square to Covent Garden to Embankment, then to Charing Cross, where we took the tube back home. After that, Jeff walked home with Stan and I, before heading back home. Ok guy. He wasn't in a mood that day, which was good. =) Took a photo of the 3 monkeys. it's hilarious, really. =p

Anyway, in 2 days, I'll be a year older. Wat have I gained from this whole year?? It seemed to pass so slowly, yet so fast that I can't seem to grasp my breath. Reflections for later, after I've read the earlier entries, and have a couple of retrospective thoughts about them. Meanwhile, I'll just concentrate on doing a bit of work for my presentations before the end of the GP firm. By next week this time, I would be starting to work on understanding ECGs, for my Cardiology firm next up. This year, decided to have a tiny birthday celebration in Central with a couple of close friends for dinner (mainly from hc). Lunch is reserved for a couple of George's friends, as well as Friday nite. And that is also party nite!

Meanwhile, time for my to do an hr of work before zzzzing...