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Sunday, February 15, 2004

2nd week of Feb, Start of Cardiology & Valentine's Day

Started my cardiology firm this week, under Dr Brecker. Am based at George's at the moment. I've heard that his firm is the only one at George's which makes you work really hard. Which is good, I guess. I've missed the working hard part, which I encountered in Paeds. Now, I can only hope to be as motivated as previously.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I did nothing, apart from reading yet another fiction book. =p However, I was supposed to go for a Valentine's Day party on Friday night. Basically, what happened was that I didn't even know there was one, until Jeff called me on Thursday afternoon. The first thing he said wasn't hello, but was 'are you going tmr?' I was confused, wondering what in the world was he talking about, and since I was with my juniors, Noah and John during that time, Noah passed me a postcard-sized pamphlet about the event. While waiting for Noah to get the card, Jeff asked for Yongwei's number, which is quite weird, as I know that he has it already. Anyway, Jeff said he was going, and said that if I wanted to go, to tell Elaine about getting me a ticket. Weird, huh?

Anyway, Friday started at 8am for me, and continued for the whole day. Met Jeff in the library and seeing that he emailed everyone about nominating me again for the school rep thingy for SMSL (the post which I am in at present), and he's such an elusive character. We didn't even mention anything about the party that night, and it totally slipped my mind. Until that night. I received a missed call from him at 7-ish, as I was downstairs having dinner. Called him back, wondering what he wants, and he asks the same question again of whether I was going or not. I said I'm half-decided, and he told me that if I decide to go, to meet him and Linda at the tube later on. Decided to go, so changed into smart trendy attire, as required for the party. Guess what? decided to wear the mini. Thankfully that night wasn't that cold, and my coat was pretty warm. =) Got there, got tickets, and was lining up in the queue. By then, the place was packed, and it was one-in-one-out! We waited over an hour, and just when they wanted to bring us in through the backdoor (coz elaine knew the organisers), the manager of the hilton hotel (the club was there - STEAM) found out and stopped it. =/ In the end, we decided to go home (Thankfully E managed to get refunds for all of us), and she drove and dropped us at the tube. We sent L back first, and Jeff walked me back after that, since he only stays one road away from me.

At the door, I casually asked if he wanted to come in, thinking that since it was 1-plus in the morning, he'll just go back. To my surprise, he said yes and came in. Hmm... and we ended up talking till 4 in the morning. Haven't done that for a while, since Paeds, but it was nice. Just can't get an intuitive feel of him though. Hmm....

Anyway, ZT msged me yest, and asked why aren't I attached? Erm... how do u answer a question like that?? =p