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Sunday, February 15, 2004

First week of February 2004

This was the last week of my GP firm. Had 2 presentations this week, both for GP and Disability. Firstly, I got signed off on Monday, after requesting to get signed off that morning, instead of the last day of the firm, which was Thursday of that week. =D That evening, I went over to Cat's place to do up our Disability presentation the next day with Judith and Cat.

On Tuesday, even though I already got signed off, I still went in to the GP practice as that morning, I had arranged to sit with the other partner. Dr Ko is really good, gentle yet firm with patients, and he teaches a lot more, and he lets me examine the patients and asks me for my findings even before he examines the patients. Which is really good!! =) After that, went to sch for the presentation. Thank goodness that we were the first group presenting, coz as the presentations progress, the other groups seem to have put in even more effort than my group, what with the references and various detailed things! Anyway, that is over and done with. Next up was my GP presentation on Thursday. Up till Wednesday, I didn't even touch on until Wed night/Thurs morning itself! I got Thursday morning off, since I already got signed off, and I woke up early just to finish up my presentation on 'Screening for Type II Diabetes in General Practice'. Quite proud of it actually, coz I did use quite a lot of references, which were good and relevant. =p

There were 5 of us, and 2 of the presentations were on diabetes. Thankfully, both of ours focused on different aspects of screening in GP. =) Mine was the last presentation, and it was a bit rushed, coz the others took up to 45 mins each with their presentations. =/ But should say mine went well, as it was concise and sweet. =)

After that, went back home, and was abt to go to the sports hall to play squash with nhish, but he msged me saying there were no courts! Ended up going over to school to return a couple of library books, then met Nhish as he offered to cook dinner at his place! And boy, is he a damn good cook!! Met the rest of his housemates, and they are bunch of typical Brit blokes. Hehe... =p Had a good dinner, played a couple of drinking games. That night, think I drank quite a good bit. Among the 5 of us (4 blokes and a girl, me), we finished a red wine, a white wine, a 40% cointreau liquer, a bottle of champagne, and countless bottles of stella artois and other beers. In the end, we ended up drinking shots of milk with the liquor, then our last shot was a shot of milk. haha.. it was quite funny... One of Nhish's housemates, paul, wanted me to stay over as it was too late to go back (around 2am), and nhish was agreeing, but with the added comment to lock up the roomdoor, if not paul's gonna climb into the bed with me! =p But anyway, went back home, and my housemate, couldn't even walk to the door! And the next morning, he was so sweet that he stuck a note on my door thanking me for bringing home back home the night before. =p

Speaking of the next morning, i wanted to go back home the night before because the man who repairs the washing machine was coming in the morning, and i promised Una, my landlady, that I will stay in as she couldn't take the day off work. Anyway, the man came very early in the morning, around 9am, after which I went back to sleep. =p Good weekend, just lazing around and reading story books. =)