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Sunday, February 08, 2004

my 23rd birthday

Long time no blog... =p Just a little catching up to do here. Nothing much happened for my past 5 weeks for GP really. Celebrated my birthday on 2 days, 30th and 31st Jan. Actually, I was intending not to do anything for my birthday, apart from celebrating with my housemates and a couple of friends from george's. but that fell through coz 2 of them wanted some time as a couple. =) So went to the library, intending to do a bit of research for my presentation, before going home. In the end, went for dinner with Aruni to an Indian restaurant. An impromptu thing. Played squash with her once before, and can get along with her quite alright, but have never actually had a meal and talked with her. This was a good opportunity. Had a great meal, and get to know her better too. =) Then Deirdre called that night, sweetie pie, and talked to her for a couple of hours! =D

Next day, woke up early, tried to do a bit of work, then mei called to wish me happy birthday.... and she said 'happy birthday, you OLD monkey'.... and apparently it's supposed to rhyme?!?!? =p Anyway, went out for Dim Sum at Dong Hai with Cat and Judith, 2 of the locals from my sch. they were very amused when i started ordering in chinese/cantonese.... =p Oh yes, during that time, zitong called and sang happy birthday over the phone, just like he's done for the past 4 years, whether he's in US or SG. Sweetie there... Stella also called from SG!! =D Anyway, then we took a cab to Liberty's, as they had arranged a surprise makeover session for me at the Stila counter! It was a great one, coz my panda eyes weren't visible, and the lady did the smokey-eye very well, and the lipstick was gorgeous and to die for!!! Then was supposed to go over to Deirdre's place, but got sidetracked along the way at Topshop, Shellys, and Mango. =p Anyway, we made it to Belgos, where i was supposed to meet Litong, Weiliang and PJ for dinner. There was a hour's wait for Belgos, so we made our way down the Strand. Blur me didn't have a clue where to go next, but thanks to Dee, Weiliang, and Litong, we made our way down to Zizzi's. Cool place. Reminded me of Marche at Heeren. Good food, good ambience, great people around me. Ser Foong and Miaona joined us later. Asked these group of people out for dinner becoz they are a couple of closer friends, people whom i talk to quite a bit, esp over the com, and can crap. Realised then that everyone but PJ were from the HCN com! My gosh... Anyway, great dinner, and was a bit paiseh at the end when the bill came.... Weiliang told me not to pay and they covered my dinner *gasp* wasn't expecting that at all, but it was really sweet of them. They even had presents and cards to give me, which i was really grateful for. =) All I requested was their presence at dinner.

Anyway, after that, we headed to Starbucks for coffee, as the queue at Hagen Daaz was extremely long, the usual on a Sat nite. Weiliang had to go off, coz he was tired and sick. The rest came to Starbucks. Managed to talk a bit to sf and miaona. Heh... quite sad that i didn't manage to talk much to PJ and Litong. =/ Never mind, but hope to remedy that soon! =p had a good day just catching up with friends. =) Amazingly, they are all from hc and none are from my sch, apart from the afternoon session.

The next day, woke up early, and did housework, and did a bit of work too. Or so I remember. =p