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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

8 - 12 March 2004, the last week of Cardiology

Nothing much happened this week, as I've gotten signed off by the consultant the week earlier. tried to go in for pacing clinic, but that didn't happen. I myself can't remember what happened during this week, apart from going in on Tuesday for teaching, and lectures on Wednesday.

On Thursday, I played squash with Fu. Fu was in my Paeds group last term, and although we didn't talk much during the firm itself, apart from work, we got on pretty well. Anyhow, it was the first time I played squash with Fu. Initially, he mentioned that he might want a game of squash. But dun think he realised how lousy i was, considering before he had his knee operation, he was the captain of the men's squash team. Anyway, it wasn't too bad, considering he was really encouraging, and kept on giving me balls to practice my backhand, after which we headed to the gym to carry out our own weights regime. Oh, did I mention that for this term, everytime i'm at the sports hall for basketball or squash, I'll always bump into him in the weights room, and we'll both talk for a bit, then either he goes off, or I go ahead to do my weights. Was hoping and praying that he wasn't that scared off by my lousy playing, ad not want to play with me anymore. Oh yeah, after the game, he was telling me how to improve my reach, and my strokes. =)

On saturday, there was the SMSL elections, as well as a basketball match against LSE, around the same time. So, I went earlier with KP to ULU to 'show a bit of face' first, then rushed off before the elections itself (which was really weird) to head to Old Street's Tube station. Anyway, we lost for this match, very badly. Considering we had abosulutely no practice, our shots were crap, our stamina has gone, it was a wonder we could get in any balls at all!

After that, went over to Deirdre's place, showered, and we went out to chinatown to eat. Actually, she wanted to bring me to Paul's which serves really good food, but the queue was so long, and we were so hungry (it was past 3-ish) that we decided to have chinese food, instead of waiting a long time lining up and ordering. Just sat there and talked till 6-ish. =D Then we went our separate ways, hers to a birthday party, while me, back home for the TV! =p

15-21 March, First week of Geriatrics

Monday morning, woke up bright and early, coz had to travel to St Helier's to be there at 9am. Left with K in the morning. Had the introduction, then we each were given a patient to clerk, before reporting back to 11am to present. Found out that for the elderly, we had to do the AMTS first before anything, so as to prove if they are cognitively sound in the first place. After that, waited till 3pm for another tutorial, of which only lasted half an hour. And there, day 1 of the new firm has passed.

Tuesday was just amusing. Tried to do a bit of work in the morning, then 2 tutorials were timetabled in the afternoon, so we went in for that. After bleeping the registrars, found out that one wasn't even there, and another wasn't free, so we were in the hospital for a couple of mins before leaving it again! Played squash with Liam, and boy, was he good! I was no match for him. However, he said something that made me happy: that I could give Jeff a run for his money in the game. =p

Wed, nothing much but lectures. and as usual, think i slept the afternoon away. During this time, also got hooked on K's computer game of Freelancers. But realised that after a while, it kind of gets boring. =p

Thursday - we went in the morning for a tutorial, where we were taught the criteria of ageing, and the process and changes that accompany it. After that, we went back home. As for me, had a quick lunch, then headed into school, as I was part of the undergraduate interview panel. This time, I had Prof Allum, a surgeon at the Royal Marsden as the chair, the previous time being Prof Bell, a neurosurgeon at AMH. Realised that although many say that interviews should be prepared for, we had 1 candidate which was coached so well, that her answers were really 'flowy' and to the point. However, when we rephrased the question, she came out with the same rehearsed answer, almost exact to the word. She wasn't given an offer. Better still, she got one of the lowest scores i've ever seen since i've been on the interview panels for prospective students.

Friday - went in in the morning, and had a whole day of tutorials, but with a huge break in between. After that, managed to play squash with Fu, again! =D He's such a funny guy, yet sporty and at times, serious too! The best thing is that he doesn't make fun of people at anyone's expense! So unlike Jeff, yet it seems that they used to be good friends. But anyway, that day was great playing with him. =) After that, met Don in the gym and talked for a bit. Seems to be a nice, gentle guy. =)

Spent the weekend in Coventry with MN. It was a relaxing weekend. Sat a 2 hr coach ride up north, alone, which was a great feeling. Didn't feel any need to accommodate anyone, and could do whatever I wanted on the trip. =) Met MN at the coach station, after which we proceeded to have a bar lunch and went to the Coventry Transport Museum. They had lots of vintage cars, and it's the first time I've seen so many Jaguars!! Then, we headed to MN's uni, and finally, back to her place, where she cooked curry, and we watched 2 of the movies which I brought up. Walked to the town centre on sunday morning (took the bus the day before), and managed to try a couple of tops [a pity the tops couldn't fit... =(], before getting onto the coach. Thanks so much to MN to accommodate me this weekend, and even gave me her bed to sleep in! *hugz* All in all, it was a great, relaxing weekend that I would consider working here. heh... =P Anywhere out of london seems good at present. =p

On sunday evening, managed to go grocery shopping, and met a couple of year 1s at sainsbury, where we stopped and talked for a while. Then went in for a game of squash with Nhish. He's another patient guy, who introduced me to squash, and is a really patient squash partner, who loves playing strategic games on court. This time, feel that I improved, as previously, I won't be able to get a lot of his balls, either becoz my reflexes aren't fast, or just that i was beginning and was really lousy. However, on Sunday, I managed to give him quite a good run, and get quite a few good balls in! =D

Yesterday, another week of geris started. Was in the hospital by 10.30am. After the tutorial, spent a bit of time reading newspapers in the student room, before deciding to be hardworking, and went to clerk 2 patients before the next tutorial at 3pm. =) Then wasted the night away by taking a nap which turned out to be 4 hrs long! argh.... =/

Today is a free day for me. Am going to apply for a UK licence today. hope and pray that it goes thru. Till next time...