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Thursday, March 11, 2004


I forgot to mention about my contact lenses. It's my first pair, and I only got them in July 2002. I was so excited about it. During all the years where I played sports, I have never had to turn to my dad and say that I needed contacts, although I must admit that having good visuals was a bonus when rowing in the torrential rain at Kallang. Anyway, I made contacts when I needed to perform a hip hop dance for HCN 2002, the event which I was organising at the same time. I guess you could say it was for the night itself, rather than for the dance. Even for other formal dinners in previous years, I had no problems going without my specs, although people were more blurred in the process. Guess I was getting vain.

When I came back in July this year, I seldom wore contacts, only when I was going out with friends on weekends. But recently, it has been irritating my eye, particularly my left eye, leaving it tearing very badly. When I went for my Italy trip, I realised that there was a slight tear mark in the left side (or was it the right side?). Stopped wearing it 2 days into my trip. So these few months, I've been wearing it one a fortnight/ month, but I still clean it regularly.

Guess what?? I was wearing it for the Annual Dinner on Friday night. It wasn't too bad. Visuals were good, but by the end of the night, I started tearing in my left eye. I thought it was because of the eye shadow and the mascara I had on that made my eye irritated. We stopped off at YW's place first to get his pressies for my housemate. I took off my contacts there. The next morning, when I was washing my contacts, I realised that the left side had this huge tear right in the middle of the lens. Damn... I'm pretty sure it didn't happen while I was washing it. =(

So right now, I have lots of solution and protein tablets, but do not have any lenses to use it on. Should I go make disposable ones here just in case? Or should I just leave it? The thing is, I like eye shadow, and if I wear my specs, the eye shadow gets obscured!! =( Haiz... the price of vanity. Think for now, I shall just stay with my specs? Has this taught me a lesson? Should I have made disposable ones instead? Haiz....