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Monday, March 29, 2004

Daylight Savings

This is the last weekend of March, where clocks go forward an hour in the northern hemisphere (and vice versa in the south) to prepare for the beautiful weather of spring and summer, and the longer days.

Now... where did I stop previously? Yeah... it was at the driving licence bit. Yup, went to do my driving licence. Stan, my housemate, was nice enough to drive us there and go with me to do it. =) Upon reaching there, realised that the fees for the exchange of the licence is exorbitantly raised - from 29 pds to 38 pds!! OMG.... Not only that, but becoz of the threat of terrorism, it is now stated that anyone without a british passport has to send their original documents to the DVLA office to get certified and checked, which meant that I had to send my Singapore passport there, which defeated the whole purpose of going to the DVLA Local office to get it checked there and then, so that I could bring back my passport!! Argh...Now I just hope Royal Mail isn't that bad... coz that's the only passport which has my student visa in it. =/ Hope and pray that I'll get it back soon...

After that, Stan and I were both in a good mood, therefore we met Nhish at the chinese restaurant in Tooting (Chef One) for lunch. My first time there, and I must say, wasn't expecting much, but the food turned out to be quite good! =) After that, I went to find the handbag which I sent home to my sis, but it wasn't there anymore! =_( Haiz.... so far that is the only bag which I have found acceptable so far. And now, it's not with me. =/ Oh well, guess I jsut have to find another bag. =p

On Thursday, I finally paid my air ticket, in full. So now, I have an e-ticket from SQ which states my departure and return dates in Dec. Quite lucky to get the day I wanted, as I think my frequent flyer status - elite silver, has given me priority waitlisting. =D However, I am 600 pds poorer now. Nevertheless, am happy to get a date back. I'm booked for leaving a day earlier than my term ends, so hopefully, my 5th year GP practice will not so 'niao' and sign my off earlier.

This weekend was happening. Friday was a full day, starting with going in to Helier's from 9.30am all the way till 3pm, after which I went home for prepare for a squash game with Fu. Along the way, popped in to Occupational Health to book an appointment for a chicken pox vaccine. It has been scheduled this Wed. Strangely enough, I haven't had chicken pox before, even though I was in close contact with a couple of infected kids in primary school, and then in close proximity with another in year 1, not to mention when I was doing Paeds, there were kids with chicken pox and shingles all around in the wards. Either my immune system is really good, or I am already immune to it (i.e. I have got it before, but have checked my status, and it's stated that I am not immune to the chicken pox antigen). Oh well, I'll go for the jab, so as to reduce the likelihood that I'll get it over exam periods, or worse still, during the finals.

Back to the squash game, Fu mentioned that he hoped I went full court by the time we're in the 5th year. So I said, let's start now then. And he was good enough to start me off with a training practice of making sure I stood in the middle of the court, and going from one end of the court, to another, and if I had it in the wrong direction, he would hit it to me again in the same fashion. So that went on for the latter half of the session. It was really great, and amazing that he could control the ball really well to hit it to me, but I guess that's expected. As you get more familiar with any ball game, you have better control over the ball, as that happens in volleyball and tennis for me. =) I ended up crashing into him twice though during the crossings of court, and I must say, I became quite aware that he is built up pretty well. =P

Anyway, after squash, rushed back home to shower, and headed off to Wimbledon to watch a musical 'Tell Me On A Sunday'. It was previously showing somewhere in central for 16 weeks during the summer, after which it ended. I must say that while it isn't fantastic, the lead character should be given kudos for her performance. It's a one-person show for 1.5 hrs, and not once did her voice break, nor did she seem like she was straining too much. =)

After that, rushed home, then headed off with Stan to Nhish's place for his house party, after making up a bit. =) Think dark-red eyeshadow kind of complements my colour and my eyes, more than the purple eyeshadow I have. Anyway, had an alright time at the party. Drank a bit, and got a bit tipsy (think it was becoz I drank on an empty stomach), and started flirting with one of the birthday boys. =p But it wasn't that bad lah, considering I could still walk home at 3am that morning. =)

Think I spent Sat kind of recovering from sleep deprivation, and cleaning my room, and finished reading 1 round of the geris notes and trying out the MCQs. Oh yeah, talked to mum and JD as well. He just finished his finals, and he sounds well relieved from the previous time I talked to him where he was ultimately stressed. However, both times, we had to cut short our conversations simply becoz his gf was there. Sometimes I wonder if he is scared of his gf, or he just loves her and wants to please her. This issue has come up many times over the past few years. Initially, it was becoz his gf was jealous of me (she was my team mate in canoeing, and he was in my senior class in jc), and forbade him to have any contact with me, be it emails or phonecalls or letters. However, when I went back during summer last year, he said that he gave her an ultimatum, about me, and supposedly he says that the issue was resolved. When he met up with me during summer, I was important enough to him that he skipped his lectures that day to meet me, albeit the fact that to him, they weren't impt. Apparently, he didn't tell his gf that he was meeting me. He was going to tell her only AFTER he had already met up with me. I don't know if he told her in the end or not. But we've been in contact with emails every month or so, except for when he was having his finals, where I called him to wish him good luck, and to congratulate him on getting through it. Now I wonder if I really have such 'power' over him to make the gf that scared of me. What do u think? =P

After that, talked to Jess. Sorry to wake u up, but was assuming that you'll still be awake during that time. Anyway, it was a good time finding out what's up with her, and not just from the blog. Sometimes, the blog just can't do justice to what you're feeling at that time.

Sunday was a fun-filled day, with Deirdre coming all the way down from Central to my place to do a cookout. Went to pick her up at the tube station, then bought lots of beef at Sainsbury, and went home and proceeded to cook rendang!! while she cooked the delicious soup! =) It is so good to just talk and catch up over a good meal. Then I played 'Honey' on my computer for her to watch. Think it's the third or 4th time i've watched it, and it never fails to amaze me with the dance steps and the music. Think i'm getting an acquired taste for hip hop. =P

BTW, I banged my little toe on my right leg against the wall. The pain was excruciating. And this morning, there is a huge haematoma that my little toe is suffering from now. =(

Anyway, nothing much happened yesterday, apart from 1 tutorial in the morning, then came home for lunch, and talk to mei, after she has been in a bad mood for her exams and my parents. Well, I can't tell her anything to change whatever has been said. All I can say is: You don't have to me, and I will never ask you to be me. I am pretty screwed up in my own way as well. Just do the best that you can. I will always believe and support you. Love you to bits.'