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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

This post has been long overdue. Quite a number of things have happened, not to me particularly, but though I'd better jot it down soon, if not, my memory will fail me! BTW, it just snowed in London yet again! This weather is so unpredictable! It's almost the middle of March, and is supposed to be the beginning of spring, and yet the weather is so damn cold! Brrr...

20 February 2004, Friday
Met ZT and SH for dinner at Leicester. We went to a new restaurant recommended by SH, and the food was great! Finally found a place where they serve tasty pig's intestines, with affordability too! Haven't met them in ages, and this was a great night out. Just talked and talked, and found out that SH broke up with her bf a couple of weeks back. He gave some pathetic excuse, in my view at least. Then again, I'm biased, coz I do not like it when someone I care about get hurt. They will soooo get it from me if I ever see them. But either way, I'm not the one being affected mostly by it, so all I can do is be there, and offer my shoulder should she ever need it. We were also trying to get ZT to 'take sides', from a guy's point of view. Have talked to ZT before about friends and relationships, etc, and so kind of know his views on it. He's so mature, yet playful. Good for the girl who snags him. =)

But anyway, after dinner, we walked (in the cold windy breeze!!) to Covent Garden, and freezing our asses off, we walked to Charing Cross and Embankment, talking along the way. It was a gd night. Before I knew it, I was back in my nice and cosy house, snuggled in my warm bed. =)

22 February 2004, Sunday

Instead of going for basketball practice, we had an away match against King's, where we lost quite drastically (69-23), but considering the key players weren't there, it was quite gd already! And the week before, I had sprained my right ankle coming down the stairs, and what was I thinking playing in this match?!?! In the end, I worsened its condition. argh... Therefore, I decided to take a week's break from playing sports. Not that it mattered anyway, coz apparently the next day, monday, there was a volleyball match against UCL at their place. I wasn't informed about it, even though the captain smsed a couple of other people. Not that I'm bragging here, but I'm one of the key players of the team (being one of the 2 setters), and a good player at that (or so most of my teammates tell me), but just that the captain seriously doesn't like me. Shitty, ain't it? =/ So I didn't go, even though I knew abt it, partly also becoz I needed to really rest my busted ankle. Guess what? They lost the game. Am I happy or satisfied? Not really, just sad that the captain can't overcome his petty biaseness for the good of the game. Btw, he doesn't even know the rules of the game, and he runs the team like he runs the rugby team. ugh....

During that week, went for rounds for my cardio firm, and went for theatre, seeing a bypass. It was really cool actually seeing a live heart pulsate in front of your eyes! At the end of that week, played squash with Nhish. He really makes me improve. Glad to have him as a partner, and he was the one who encouraged me to pick it up. Great guy! =)

1-7 March 2004

The next week was full of activity. Firstly, on Monday, I taught the year 1s clinical skills on gait and posture. During the week, I've also been staying in school after I'm done for the day, to understand and learn how to read ECGs and identify the basic conditions. I can safely say that now, after 4 books and countless of ECGs later, I am confident of differentiating normal ones from abnormal ones. =p

On Tues, it was M's birthday, one of my housemate. K and S went to Croydon to buy her a cake and this really humongous card. We had this really sweet celebration, which M had no idea about. She's 30 yrs old, and looks younger than me!! (that's says a lot abt me, doesn't it?? *gasp*) but anyway, the whole house, even our landlord came down to celebrate, and we had a gd time just sitting around and talking. =)

Thursday, we had to make it in at 8.30am in the morning, to help our cardio consultant usher the delegates to the venue, for a TOE conference organised at the school. Not too bad, coz we got freebies too! =p in the afternoon, taught the year 2s about cranial nerves, which was really good, coz it helped to refresh my memories on the foramen aka holes, in the skull and what nerves go through them.

Friday, stayed at home and tried to do a bit of work. Had the Annual Dinner that night. Went down earlier at around 5pm, and kinda got lost along the way. Luckily it was held at the place where my com organised HCN 2002, so everything became familiar once i saw the landmarks. Anyway, I didn't have any specific duty, so I just helped out with the seating, the decorations, the music and the overall of it. Although not many from my school made it down, it was nevertheless a great night. Met up with a couple of people, and a good time socialising, taking photos, making sure everything went well. At the end of the night, the george's people, namely jeff was breathing in the decor balloons (which was filled with helium), and started singing songs in a donald duck voice, and he was joined by the other george's juniors. =) It was great fun seeing them play around. =) The rest of the schools didn't do that though. Such a pity. =p

Later on, rushed back home as M was having her birthday party. In the end, reached home at 1am and stayed about talking till about 4am. Surprisingly, Fu was there. Wasn't expecting him to stay so late. Anyway, he was there, so was Gabs. Jeff and YW came along. Strangely, the only girls there were me and M, both in a dress/skirt. Haha....

Next day, woke up at around 1pm, and had to clear up my room. before I knew it, it was time to go for Judith's party at Hoochi Mama's in Tooting. It was great, and quite an alright time talking to pple, and didn't get to talk much to the bday girl, coz she was so high and had so many pple to go to. =) Nevertheless, it was good fun. =)

And that's the end of my most eventful week so far.

Rocephine's bday was on Sunday, and hope she liked the card I sent her!! =)

As for this week, since I got most of the week off, been lazing around. Was trying to get a flight back home during the December period, and apparently, it's all been booked out!! WTF?!??! It's a bloody 9 months ahead!! Shitty.... Now it's either i have to pay a really expensive price for an airticket to go back home, or try another airline, of which I won't be able to get my airmiles, and also, the flight won't be direct, meaning that I'll most probably waste time transiting too. Haiz... I haven't settled my elective too! Think i'm procrastinating too much??

On the other hand, I've bought tickets to see one of Andrew Lloyd Webbers musical 'Tell Me On A Sunday', some time next week. Playing squash tomorrow with Fu (he's a pro), and so hopefully he doesn't trash me at the beginning. =p Going to Coventry next weekend to visit MN. =D And also, need to figure out what to do during the easter hols, as well as settle my exam timetable!!

Till the next time, blog....