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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Aching Trapezius

Had a good workout at the gym today. Firstly, woke up automatically at 7.50am. Don't know why. But tried to do work, then I realised that 1 set of notes was missing, and that totally disrupted my whole study timetable, and was so pissed off with myself. Have never lost my notes before. Damn the damn thing....

Anyway, was slightly productive in the afternoon, after which I resolved to go and sweat it out for a bit in a compact gym session. Haven't run on a treadmill for ages, but it didn't turn out to be bad. Met Fu there at the gym, and talked a bit when we were doing the free weights. =) Out of the blue, he turned to me and said that his right shoulder ached like mad on Friday, after our 2-1/2 hr squash game. *Huge grin* And there I thought he was extremely fit! Hehehe.... but then I admitted the same thing, that my trapezius muscle (the muscle joining the neck and the shoulder joint, just in case u think this is being too medicalised...=P) started aching on Sat, and is still aching. Dun know why, but this particular group of muscles are perpetually knotted. Wonder if it is becoz I'm stressed, or sleeping in the wrong position, or doing too much strenuous activity on this joint. Hmm... do I need physio??

Okay, gotta go sleep now. Have to go in early tmr. I'm happy for the day. Nitey, blog. =)