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Monday, April 12, 2004

Lost track

As the title goes, I've lost track of the date today. Just so dazed coming downstairs. Had to ask my housemate what day it was, and whether I had to go in tomorrow, which was really weird when he doesn't even know my timetable!

Well, I must say that today has been quite a fruitful day. Spent the whole day on Population Medicine, and told myself that I had to finish it today, by hook and or crook, and no skiving is allowed, nor any kind of slipshot studying of any sort. Waking up at 7.30am (automtically, I dun know why), I spent a bit of time on the computer before finally getting down to work at around 9-ish. Spent 3 solid hours, doing 3 chapters. Then Stan and K came into my room, and wondered if I wanted to go grocery shopping with them at Hoo Hing, the Chinese hypermart near our place, as S was driving. So went and came back, and bought lots of stuff!! =D

By the time I had my lunch and settled down to studying again, it was 3pm. Lay down on the bed, and needless to say, I was drifting in and out of sleep for about an hour, before my attention span came back, and did another 3 chapters before taking a short break, going up and down the stairs (mad, hor? =P), then settled back in my room, and finished up the other 4 chapters and ALL the tutorials, until about 9pm. Quite proud of myself, as this is one of the first in recent times that my attention span has been for doing 5 solid hours of work. =) Since I started clinicals, I've not done that for studying at all. Hmm... I wonder why.... Maybe that's why I'm not scoring as well in my exams, as I did in my first 2 years. =p

Decided to reward myself by making dinner, and watching tv. Turns out that today, there was 'The Mummy' on BBC 1, so stayed and watched that together with Stan. After that, watched something on boybands, then Paradise Hotel! That's it for my nite! Was energized when I came upstairs, and thought I would do a bit more work before going to sleep, and now that I've come on the computer, think I'll procrastinate till tomorrow morning. =)

Tomorrow will be my last day of study leave, after which I have to go back to doing work for my project on wed pm (there are lectures in the morning), then am meeting a couple of friends for dinner on Wed as well, so that day is gone. Thursday, we have tutorials at the hospital, and think we'll be rushing our project for the presentation on Friday. Hope my squash session with Fu on Friday is still on. Will know on Wed.

Realised that the laptop and the internet is a great distraction. Music is also a great distraction. Even classical music. That is soooo not good. It has to be OFF. Indulge myself a little in the morning, after that, it must be shut completely OFF, and the room has to be in total silence (apart from the birds chirping outside my window). Only then will I be able to concentrate after a period of trying. =p

Went to the gym on Sunday evening to jog and burn off stress. Think I'll go again tomorrow. Helps to clear my head. Maybe instead of jogging, I'll go hit a couple of balls in the squash court alone, then hit the weights room. Yeah... think I'll do that, provided I can get finished with lots of Cardiology tomorrow! Argh...