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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Picking up?? so NOT.....

Hey Ling, thanks for the note, but dun think i'm picking up. Spent the whole night in front of the tv. Literally. Without moving an inch. Blew off a dinner with a friend to do some work, and ended up in front of the damn tv... What's this??!? *mutters dark curses*

Woke up early again, did a little work before going to school for lectures, then headed down to Helier's in the afternoon to start on my project. Took the bloody whole afternoon, after which when I returned home, I was mentally dead, that I went to K's room, and just talked. Discussed whether or not to go for dinner to see D, esp since we've not seen him for ages! In the end, we decided to do a cookout on a weekend which he is free. =) However, for dinner, K and I went out (yes, yes, I know it was really bad of us, but I was cravinggggg for sui jiao mian tang!!). So we ended up eating out, and grocery shopping, then I came home, and while enjoying half a cheesecake (!!), I plonked myself down in front of the TV for 5 hrs and just watched. OMG... I can't believe I did that. Damn it!! Argh...

Right now, I'm sleepy and tired, and feeling guilty as hell that I haven't done any work nor met my friend, nor done any work for my presentation on friday. I feel guilty that I'm typing this entry on the blog as we speak. But I'm happy about one thing: The squash session with Fu is on on Friday! Totally forgot about it, until Fu brought it up today before I left the lecture theatre. =D It was so funny... Was saying to K that I won't be free on Friday as 'I'll be playing with Fu'. That didn't come out right, and came out really weird, but thankfully she knew what I was saying. If not, she'll be wondering what in the world am I doing?!?! =p

On another note, I'm so proud of my sister. Not to advertise her problems or anything of that sort, but just to say that she is strong enough not to rely on a male species, whom she likes, and yet is so spineless and wimpy. From what I've heard, he's a pathetic excuse for a guy. I wonder what I'll think if I do meet the guy. He'll get such a whipping from me for subjecting my sister to such hurt. ANYONE who hurts my sisters are idiotic asses who don't know what's good for them. But anyway, she's gd, and will come out stronger for this. =)

I mean, it's gd to rely on someone u like and trust, but must find someone who's also worthy of it, not some nitwit ass of an excuse, rite? No confidence, no reliability, not trustworthy at all, saying one thing to one, and something different to another. Think she gets it from me - either the strongheadedness *ahem* or the high expectations of future bfs/husbands-to-be *innocent look around*. She knows that anyone she gets together with has to pass 'the sister' test (no one is good enough for my sister), and that is ME (and vice versa lah, or at least that is what she says). Hmm... do I sound a bit TOO scary?? Well, I'm just being protective over what's mine. *Reminds me of a mother tiger protecting her cubs* *Gasp* Since when did I become so erm... maternal??

Okay, becoming delirious now, so gonna get some rest now.

P/s: BTW, Paradise Hotel on Channel 5 totally rocks now, coz it shows you how humans ARE at their worst, the different sides of how politics can be played, and simply that the contestants are around the same age as me, which make them half-child, half-adult. Fantastic example of human selfishness.