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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Presentation and improvements to be made

Something is wrong with my floppy drive. It can't work, meaning it can't read anything I put into it, where it was working 2 days ago... Damn... my laptop is getting old...First I've had to replace the CD-ROM drive, and I upgraded the hard disk space as well, and now the floppy is a problem. *anyone can help here??* Think I should get a new laptop, but I want to buy it with the money I've earned. Don't want to make my dad spend more money on me. =/

Anyway, we had the geriatrics presentation yesterday. I did all the pics and the transitions, basically the finishing touches. Wait a min, and lots of the research too. The day before, on Thursday, we went to school after the session in the morning at Helier's with one of the consultants. There were 6 of us. By the end of the time in school, around 3-ish (we were there at 12), 4 of them started getting really bitchy, and choosing what slides they want to do, and how this is a waste of their time, how they want to go home and study for the exams, etc. It's like 'HELLO?!?!'... Liam and I are the ones doing the work, from thinking it up (Liam's idea) to getting subjects (I did the majority of them) to research (Liam and I once again, with a bit of help from Jud and Cat) to actually typing the presentation out on Powerpoint (me) to adding pictures, transitions, and finalizing the whole damn thing. So shut your trap and quit being so damn bitchy and get your lazy ass to work. It's not just you who has exams, u know. ALL of us have exams, and WE also have to study. In any case, it's your fault that you all didn't want to do the project till the last min, and yet want to do as little as possible, so stop being such selfish bitches and try to work!

Yes, I'm was SUPREMELY irritated (and I seldom get that irritated) with the lot of them. I mean, come on, being a responsible adult and do your f*ing work. My god, you are gonna become doctors. Don't you all have a sense of responsibility, instead of complaining all the way?? Okay, that's my huge tirade for the day. It just sometimes stuns me how irritating and annoying selfishness can be. But anyway, that's all over now. We did our presentation. (I totally dislike presentations, hate public speaking. Reminds me of an interview, and I have interview-phobia.) It went alright. Wasn't really aiming for the prize that afternoon, but nevertheless out of the 4 grps, we were one of the more interesting ones, I think, one of the few shortest presentations which is concise, precise, and has pictures! =p We didn't win, but it was an interesting afternoon nevertheless. =)

After that, met Clarence, one of the year 1s, at one of the school's landings, and talked to him for quite a while before I had to leave for squash with Fu. Think this week, my lack of practice was evidently showing big-time. My line balls were close to none. Damn it. My consolation was that I made him run quite a bit though. =) We were stopped by a couple of others, and before we left, he suggested that I had to practice line balls more, like before I hit the weights room when I come to work out. =/ Yes, I resolve to do just that this week, even though I have exams on Friday. Treat it as my way of de-stressing, and getting off my lazy ass. At least once this week. =)

While walking out from the sports complex, we were talking about how much I've improved. I was saying about my balls not being on target to where I want them to hit, and well, that just needs practice. But he has said that he hopes to see me beat Frankie by the start of 5th year. Frankie is in my year, and she has been the squash ladies captain for a while now. When I expressed disbelief, he said I was comparable to the men's 2nd team (omg...). I have the strength, the intent of where to put the ball. The only disadvantage I have is that blokes have more strength than me, and my height is a huge disadvantage in reach. Fu's seen the ladies squash team play, and well, he says although at this point I won't be able to win Frankie, it won't be an easy win for her. Given that I've only been playing squash for 3 months, I made tremendous improvements that Fu didn't have when he was playing for 3 months, and that I shouldn't feel discouraged, and should be more spurred to improve on my game even more.

That was encouraging to know. =) Now to do loads of work! AND to await a game with Fu next week on Sat, at 3pm. =P *incentive to do work* hah!