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Monday, April 05, 2004


I have skipped the afternoon, to go shopping. Technically, I didn't skip actually. I went in to the Nelson Hospital for the whole morning, and when we bleeped the registrar and he didn't answer to confirm the afternoon's tutorial, my group decided not to go in. I decided that since I had a bus pass, I might as well make use of it, and go shopping! Yes, shopping! Those who know me know that I abhor shopping, in a way. My taste, in everything ranging from clothes to jewellery to hair accessories, sucks big-time. And that if I go shopping, it is usually because I need to get something i.e. I have a purpose for shopping. And yes, this is one of those circumstances.

Have been wearing my sport shoes out pretty much, with all the running from sports such as squash and basketball, and the every day wear-and-tear of using it, in the past 2-3 years. Now that it is into the 4th year, I'm glad that it lasted that long. The last one I had, was in JC, and that pair lasted me abt 2 years. Now, this blasted pair made me develop corns on my big toe, and the soles of my foot hurt when I run, which means that the shoe is not absorbing enough of the impact, I guess. Anyway, although I've another pair of sports shoes, it doesn't really fit, being I think 1/2-to-1 size bigger, and doesn't have a good enough grip.

*Lesson to be learnt*
**Always choose shoes which are comfortable and to your size**

And so, after contemplating for roughly 2 weeks about buying a pair, I decided to go and see the range for myself and see if there are any offers. I almost NEVER do things on impulse. Everything is usually somewhere in plans along the way. It was a 'feel good' impulse buy. Initially wanted to get an Adidas Max Air pair, but they didn't have my size, therefore got a Nike one instead. Hope this one lasts. Got a surprise when paying for it though, as the price was lower than what was advertised! So that wasn't too bad.

I'm happy with my buy. Now to bask in it. =D