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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Uncomfortable Neck and Geris

Had a productive day of studying on Thursday, doing Disability, ECGs and Valvular Heart Disease. Yesterday wasn't as productive. Woke early in the morning to study, but ended up listening to music and talking to Stan, my housemate. Managed to read through GP though, but if asked whether I can remember anything, the answer would be no. Started on Geris, but don't know why, even after I drank a cup of coffee, and I could feel my heart pounding away, I still fell asleep! Haiz... luckily I woke up in time for my weekly squash game with Fu!

Apparently he thought the game was at 4pm, so he was there hitting balls from then till the time I came, which was 1/2 hr later. Anyway, this time, we did the back of the court, meaning, we each had to stand in the centre, hit the ball to each other such that the ball could land around the back area of the court, and we had to run to the back to get it. Not bad, seeing that that meant that I had to train my sprinting back and forth.

The next thing we did was volleying, catching the ball in midair (not letting it bounce first) and smashing it down the line to the back, where Fu was standing behind me to get it.

Then we just played normally, like in a game. Anything and everything can be used. Had a few good balls there, as well as the couple of ideas. Now I just have to run faster, and have faster reflexes! Argh... There, we played for 2-1/2 hrs, like last week, and by the end of it, my feet hurt like mad! Why? Becoz I used the old pair of shoes instead of the new ones which I bought. *Double argh* =/

Not to mention, before going for the game, my neck was kind of stiff. Now AFTER the game, my head couldn't bend forward, back, left or right without hurting. My shoulder muscles was knotted up extremely hard, and the joints were stiff. Tried stretching a little, but it still aches so bad, such that when I move my head in any direction, I have to do it extremelyyyy slowly.... Considering I haven't had much exercise for the past 2 weeks, think I better rest my aching muscles for at least a day before hitting the gym again.

On another note, I watched a couple of movie on my computer (downloaded it for the past few weeks)within these 2 days: 50 First Dates (Hilarious, I tell U...=P), and last night, Mona Lisa Smile. It tells of being able to think for yourself, instead of conforming to society's norms. I like it. =) Earlier on, I watched Honey, which has fantastic hiphop moves and a couple of good hiphop pieces. Now I'm left with Dead of the Dawn and The Passion of the Christ unwatched. Think I shall save it till the next week to watch. =)

Tasks for today, before my TV night!:
1) Tumble-dry washed clothes
2) Think about what to eat for dinner (considering I haven't eaten breakfast! *grin*
3) Complete geriatrics by today, both memory work and qns to be done!
4) Plan what to do for tomorrow: Either population medicine (ultra dry) or cardiology (a lot to cover)

I'm ultra behind in my schedule, so have to catch up!!! Ether that, or re-plan the whole timetable! =( How?

Chinese Song for the Day: Sun Yan Zi's Yu Jian, and the Canto one by Gigi Leung
English Song for the Day: Can't Cry Hard Enough by Susan Ashton