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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

At the rate I'm going...

As the title so aptly puts it, at the rate I'm going, it seems as if I'm totally not going to accomplish anything, due to procrastination, tiredness, illness, weird priorities.

I didn't go in today. I went to sleep yesterday, having had to wake up 2 hrs later due to nose-trouble. Couldn't breathe. Woke up at 3+am, rambled around searching for my pillbox, took a yellow tablet called chlorphenramine, and tried to doze back to sleep. Got woken up by my sister this morning. Was so groggy that I got the time wrong. Nevertheless, it was a gd wake-up call. Haven't talked to her for ages. =)

As I've said, I didn't go in today. From this morning's nose-trouble, knew that I was going to be sick. Woke up with a scratchy voice, aching muscles, forehead feeling hot, and generally just feeling lethargic. And guess what? I went in for squash today, after which I came home, had a shower, was so tired that I fell asleep on my bed with my hair wet, and spent the rest of the afternoon zzzing... What's happening to me?!?!

The way I've been going on about squash, and the number of times I've been in for squash these couple of days, you'd think that I was training for a competition instead of playing it just for recreation. Let's see now... On friday, had my usual game with fu, sat - took a break, sun-had a game with jeff (of which he whacked me with the ball at the back of my leg and the huge bruise is now showing), then stayed on for basketball (think i'm just not cut out for that game...=/), monday after lectures, was supposed to play with fu coz this friday I'm on-call. Played with him for 10-15 mins, then someone had to book the court after us (shitty coz we forgot to write our names down), so we re-scheduled it to this afternoon at 12pm. I've got another game with someone else tomorrow as well. 5 days of intensive sport (excluding sunday) is definitely not gd. Today, I've played my crappiest ever. Fu wasn't happy with my playing. Neither was I. Damn it.

To top it off, I've done no work at all. Also need to settle my elective, and write my CV for application of house jobs soon! Wondering what the hell am I doing?!? Argh...

Help...help... *knock some sense into me, pls*