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Monday, May 03, 2004


Everyone is having their exams now, while I am having my easter break. How long is it? 9 days, to be exact. What have I been doing all this while?? Let me see now... actually I have no idea! Let's go through categories then....


My exams finished last friday. It wasn't that bad, though the questions were kind of unexpected, it was do-able. That means that you have to know your work inside out. The OSCE was different as well. Initially, I wasn't expecting anything, just thinking that I'll take it as it comes. But after a couple of hours at home with my housemates (they were telling me the questions which came out last term, which was exactly the same as those which came out the previous term), my hopes for the same questions increased steadily. I must say that that was bad hoping on my part. The questions were different. Enough said. Let's hope I didn't do too badly. But I must say that I didn't flounder as much during the patient OSCE stations as previous terms. Perhaps it was becoz the day before, I went in to teach clinical skills to the juniors? =p (A bit risky, I know..., but it helped to point out what info do I not have at my fingertips, and what I was lacking).


After the exams, went home to rest a bit. Ended up napping for an hour plus, before going for a BBQ at a friend's place. Initially, I was really lazy to get out of the house. But since my housemate waited for me to wake up to go, guess I owe it to him to make it there. =p Anyway, went there, caught up with a few people, then headed down to school for the end-of-term disco. Signed a couple of people in who are my friend's friends from Cambridge and his home, and they were so sweet! Each of the guys bought me drinks. =)

First time for a LONG time since I've been to a school disco. It wasn't too bad, just that the music was crap at several times during the night. But met up with a couple of schoolmates I haven't seen for ages! =D It was so great! Talked a bit to Sivanthi, Jo and Lindsey, KP, Aruni, Cindy, Eva, Tracy Tai, Anna, Tracy N and her bf, Mark. Ditzy Jeff came to interrupt while I was talking to Tracy Tai. Hmph... He was a bit drunk, but could still hold it together. =p So happy and high that night. Apart from the drinks, lots of people complimented me on looking gd, lovely that night. =D Missed Fu though. Anyway,danced towards the end of the night, then Stan and I went home, and we curled up on the sofa watching tv... =p


Woke up late that morning, then packed my stuff for my trip to Ascot later on, and headed to the squash courts. Met Eva and her sister there. Proceeded to hit a couple of balls first before Fu came. Found him at the top watching me play, which made me flounder. Don't know why... Haiz... anyway, within an hr of playing, he has managed to hit my arm with the squash ball (he says that is the first time in 4 years that he's played squash that he has hit ANYONE with the ball. Guess I'm the lucky first... ). Then UNINTENTIONALLY, during one of the plays, one of my swings whacked him full in the face, and caught it again on the back return. Ouch... (he says I have a really huge swing, which is gd is works in my favour, but I still feel a bit paiseh... =/ ) Nevertheless it was a good 1-1/2 hrs. We spent the first hour laughing so much, over jokes and stories shared while playing. It felt great!

Fu mentioned that Jeff and co (meaning the BSc people, and Fu is one of them) are having drinks at a pub later on in the evening, and asked if I would like to join them. Told him that although I would love to join them, I'll be in Ascot by that time. I thought nothing of it, thinking that it was just a BSc thing, and since I'm not part of the group, don't know if I would fit in, even though I knew a couple of them. When I went back home and mentioned it to my housemates, Mika and Stan, they were like....

'OMG, Clarisa. He's trying to ask you out, and you turn him down?!?!?! Are you crazy??'

Well.... I didn't know! Thought he was just trying to be friendly! Then they countered with a 'Why would he ask u to come out with the BSc people then? He wants you to get to know his friends!' Could have countered that but didn't bother, coz I needed to shower before my aunt got to my place to pick me up. Still, it kind of rings an alarm of interpreting his actions... Think I'll take it as friendly for now, no? =)


My aunt and uncle were nice enough to pick me up at my place and drove me to their place in Ascot. The last time I saw them was in Dec, on Xmas day. It was lovely to meet them again, and just get out of London, not to mention the good food that I kept on eating, even though it was vegetarian, it was still delicious! And missed Dodger, their old doggie.

Stayed there for a couple of days. Sunday, it was sunny, and we went to a nursery, and got lots of plants for my aunt's friend, and she helped to advise him how to garden. It was lovely. Got to sit a BMW 5 series, be driven in a Grand Prix style, and got to see Feltham! In the morning, uncle drove to Reading and I tagged along. Monday, aunt had a badminton game in Bracknell, and played with her, not realising how lousy I was. =p Tuesday just stayed in, and managed to catch a very old show - 'The Karen Carpenter Story'! In the midst of these days, I had a revision course on schizophrenia (uncle is a forensic psychiatrist), a quick course on cooking, badminton, tv, old songs, etc. Went back home on Tuesday evening. It was a lovely time. =)

The remaining days of my holiday

Wednesday, went grocery shopping after paying school fees. Called TY and talked to her for a few hours. It was good catching up with her, ever quirky.

Thursday, went to teach clinical skills for the year 2s. Before that, dropped in to get my 2nd dose of chicken pox vaccination, but inefficient them gave me the wrong info, and told me to come back later for the 2nd dose, as the vaccine I received was not the same as the one I was told and given info about. It's like WTH.... It's my health here!! Haiz... That totally ruined my mood, which was good, coz in the morning, had talked to my sister and to JD. It was really good catching up with him. He just graduated from NUS, and has just started work as a HO. So proud of him. =) Caught up a little with Faizal as well that evening, while we were at this talk for female paediatric surgeons. Seems like I might have some hope after all!

Spent friday cleaning my room, filing all the papers properly instead of leaving them lying around, and watched a couple of movies too - The Legend of Zu and Hero. Just lazed really.

Saturday - went down to central to meet a friend for lunch, and to shop! nope, not for clothes, but for books, medical books at that. K and I were looking at revision guides at Foyle's. After which I headed down to Deirdre's to see her for a bit. ZT called me to find out what I'm doing, and was supposed to meet up for coffee, but we took a raincheck on that.

Sunday - Here I am, lazing around and guessing what I'm doing, having wasted this week away. I'm starting term again on this coming Tues, I'm competing for a prize on Wednesday, and I haven't started studying at all, having just watched 'the Girl Next Door' instead. Haiz....