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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The exact same words

Today is the second time that I've had someone (Kamal) ask me, in the EXACT SAME words that Jeff said to me on Sunday: "So, Fu is training you to beat Frankie." It's not a question. It's apparently a statement, or if it is a question, it is rhetorical. Jeff said Fu told him so, but when I asked Fu, he said he didn't.

I mean, how am I supposed to reply to that statement?? I mean, I don't want to sound complacent or arrogant. Even then, why in the world would anyone know about it?! It's not as if I'm competing for a place in the school team. I'm very low profile in school, i.e. very few people actually know who I am. I'm not in Fu's group of friends, so I don't understand why I would be brought up in the first place.

Stan says that Fu is proud of me being his project. Perhaps. I'm happy to be playing with him and for him to train me. But do I have the potential and ability to go that far? I know that he wants me to challenge Frankie (captain of the girls' squash sch team) to a game by the end of 5th year. My aim is for my standard to be on par by end of 4th year, meaning by September this year. There's no reason for me to be brought up in any conversation anyway. Moveover, he doesn't strike me as a person who advertises that he is training someone to beat Frankie. I'm ambivalent on people knowing, becoz with it comes expectations (there's enought to go around from Fu and myself), and also, my name gets mentioned when I'm not around, and that is something I don't really prefer. On another note, Stan reckons that Fu enjoys my company. Like real, I said...