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Sunday, May 09, 2004

The first week of the new term

Kingston Hospital

I never thought that I would be back here again, after that harrowing experience with the O&G consultant (see previous entries). The comforting thought is that I'm not based in the same building as her, and so hopefully will not run into her.

Back to my new consultant. I'm presently on my senior medicine firm, meaning I am more or less there, and have to know basically all my stuff.... *fingers crossed* My consultant and team have been pretty nice so far. Met him once on thursday, and he was lovely. Even bought coffee for us! I sat in clinic with him after lunch, and it was so funny. One of the consultations with a patient turned into a 30-min broadcast of what went wrong during the latest soccer match! Haha... it was hilarious! Now, I'm more motivated to work harder, though this weekend doesn't show it. =/

Duke Elder Prize

The quiz was on wed. It was made up for 30 MCQ questions, 5 parts to each. Started studying for it 2-3 days before, just by reading 2-3 books front-to-back, and hoping that I'd remember it and using the 2nd book as revision. I haven't read an ophthalmology (eye) book in detail before, not from back-to-front, not even when I was working in the eye clinic. Guess this time I decided to stomp my heels in and get down to it. It wasn't that bad actually. In fact, it was quite do-able!

Taking part in this quiz has been an eye-opener. I've realised how much I don't know, how interesting ophthalmology is (lost interest in it after my 3rd year firm in which we did almost NO ophthal.), understood the mechanisms of the eye and realised that it is so much easier than the rest of the body! It's a potential field in which I would like to explore. In a way, this is kind of a revision for my finals, and I've started with the eye! Let's hope I'll remember this 4 months from now, when my finals are here. Right now, I'm concentrating on finishing the whole of medicine within these 8 weeks of my senior medicine firm, and there's a lot to cover! I've started Endocrine (diabetes, etc). Let's hope within this week, it will progress on to renal, and revision for Cardio and Resp next weekend. Hmm... wonder if I'm too ambitious, and whether this will actually be accomplished....

The weekend

Had my usual squash session with Fu on Friday evening. OHhhh... before that, I went for a bit of shopping! Actually, I just bought a handbag for that night's event (Elaine's bday celebration), all becoz the handbag I had bought earlier has been 'koped' by my sis at home, and she doesn't want to return it. *sticks tongue out* Anyway, I was planning to get a white handbag, but ended up with a pinkish retro-kind of bag, with 'LV'-like patterns on it. Wonder if my sis will say it's too amah, or way cool.... *grin* but I'm not going to send it back this time! Muahahaha....

Ok, back to squash. As always, we've had lots of laughs during the session. We stopped earlier to watch people play (have not seen others play before), and surprise surprise, saw Frankie (girls' squash captain) playing. Personally, I think I can give her a run for her money. She doesn't seem to have the strength to hit the ball hard, but she returns it smoothly, to the back of the court. And she can run fast. Fu later asked what I thought, and I said candidly that she's good. =p He says that right now, my serves are good, but my follow-up is crap (which I totally agree), but I can give her a run a stiff competition, though at this point she'll still win the game.

Fu asked why I'm not using all my strength during the game to hit the ball. He says I'm hitting the ball hard, but I can hit the ball harder. From what he's said so far, I have the strength there, I have the ideas, I have the serves, basically I'm there. Now it's all about putting it all into action. =/ We've had a few good rallies on friday. That I'm happy for. =)

Next session is monday, tomorrow, coz I'm on-call on Friday. =/

Next on the list, went for Elaine's birthday party. Didn't make the dinner, but went for the karaoke session after that. Jeff and Noah were there. Realised the mic somewhat distorts my voice. Arghh... but it was fun singing. =p And Jeff can sing! Chinese some more! A-niu's 'dui mian de nu hai kan guo lai'. It was so funny... =p Drank a bit as well. After that, we sat the night bus home. Noah sent Elaine back (both stay at halls) while Jeff sent me back (we live a road apart). You know what... Jeff can be agonizingly annoying at times, but once you start talking about deep stuff, he is so refreshingly honest and matter-of-fact.

Anyway, we have a game of squash today. First time I'm playing him. Wonder what the outcome will be like. =p

Okay, now back down to work!

New motto: Once you start on something, do it to the BEST that you can. (then again, think it has always been my signpost, though I lost sight of it at some point for a couple of years. =p)