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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Meeting up is such a good feeling

Haven't updated for the past 3 weeks. Been busy, but don't know with what, coz it isn't work! =/

Let's see now, nothing much happened, apart from going in to the hospital, going into school for lectures, or going for squash or the gym.

Oohh. forgot to mention that SF came down to my place abt 3 weeks ago to play squash. It was quite a gd and fun game, with lots of laughter. =p Hope to play more with him in the near future. =)

Last week, the most interesting thing was that I finally went to watch Harry Potter at the cinema! Hah.. yeah, usually I watch my movies on my laptop, instead of on the big screen. =p At the end of that week, I played squash with Jeff. Arranged to play on Friday night at 8pm. It was so frustrating that night! Usually the courts are empty on a friday night, but that night, all the courts were booked till 10! Damn irritating. Anyway, managed to squeeze someone off the court, as they had the court for 2 bloody hours. We managed to get in an hour, but they came back and chased us off. Really very annoying.

Last Saturday (5 June), I booked a place at a medical symposium where talks were given on clincal skills examination (revision sessions which weren't too bad), and strangely enough, more details were given on the 2 year Foundation Programme, compared with what was said during talks with the London Deanery and the PRHO office at my school. Hmm...

After that, met up with Weiming, Belle, PJ and Shilie (all S71, my year) for dinner! Haven't met up with some of them for more than a year! We had dinner at London Jade, then headed down to Cafe Ciao, suggested by Shilie (a first for me), and I shared a tiramisu and an 'spaghetti-like' ice cream with WM. It was great catching up. =) Needless to say, when you put medics together, what comes out is shop-talk. Haha... the discussion ranged from our hospital attachments, to drug interactions and enzyme inhibitors/inducers (we had a pharmacist with us lah. =p) Poor Shilie was a little lost, i think. =p but nevertheless, after leaving the cafe, we walked around Trafalgar Square for a bit, and surprisingly enough, I talked quite a bit to Shilie. =) I don't usually talk much to him. =p

For this past week, just went in on Monday and Thursday, even though I was on-call on Tuesday night. =p No squash sessions had been arranged either, as Fu is not free (it's the week of finals), and the courts were booked on Monday, thus Nhish and I weren't able to get courts. Strangely enough, I played another game with Jeff last night though, a lefty (left-handed squash player, although he does everything else with with his right hand). It was a gd game. Played like 3 hours before I realised the time. Jeff is so funny. It's as if he dances around to hit the ball. =)

Back to catching up, I went down to Central again on Thursday, after a whole day at Kingston Hospital. Met up earlier with Deirdre to take a walk around before anyone came, and booked a table at Belgos at the same time. Then we went to Kempers coz D wanted to show me a pair of sandals. And I saw an absolutely gorgeous pair as well, but they were 75 pds! *gulp* I have never paid that much for anything, apart from my fees and air ticket, and don't think I'll start now! But glad that D is feeling better now, after I told her what my consultant has said about the thyroid. =)

The group meeting up that night was different from the usual crowd. It's supposed to be a meetup before everyone left for the various places: SG/US, etc. (Actually, mainly for me to meet D, but a chance to meet up with the rest too. =p) In the end, we had 6 people, SF, Alex, WX, D, and Zun. Zun was so sweet, coz he remembered to bring 2 pieces of brownies that he had baked and which I said I wanted to try (from a while ago!)! =D btw, it was delicious! Thanks, Zun! =)

Ohhh... the food was yummy!! The 3 of us girls shared a 'surf and turf', which was lobster, steak and chips, a 1kg pot of mussels, 2 dishes of dessert and 3 beers, all of which only came up to 20 pds! Quite worth it, esp the lobster, i think. =p Realised tiny things that night... all of us at the table were wearing contacts! All of us were from HC, apart from Zun, but he's as if he's one of us. =D Hehe... must be too much influence from his housemates. =p And all of us are ultra sporty and adventurous! =) Nevertheless, it was a gd catch-up. If only everyone didn't have to leave, and we'll have such meetings regularly!