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Saturday, June 12, 2004

The previous post of culture shock is pretty interesting. Personally, I think I've been through almost all the phases, apart from phase 4, which came in year 3/4 of being in London. The reaction is a bit delayed, rite? Oh well, can't help it, I guess. =p

The reverse culture shock was so real in the first year, when i went back home in the first year. Everything was so familiar, yet so foreign. I felt like a tourist, so disoriented. You know, looking through more mature (hopefully, esp after 4 years overseas), and as mentioned in an earlier entry, everyone that passes through my life is seen somewhat differently. Their 'worldliness' seem miniscule compared to what those who have gone overseas have experienced. They think they understand, but they actually don't. Think I'm more critical of things at home, and yet I feel grateful for the things that I have previously taken for granted at home. When I am overseas, I ate differently, I looked at time differently, I socialized and studied differently, in a way.

I'm not saying that those who are overseas or have gone overseas are 'superior'. I'm just saying that we are 'different', so don't pretend to know what we have been through, coz you will never know, unless one experiences it for him/herself.