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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Guitar Memories
Today. I spent bits of today trying to catch up on work. Sometime in the evening, I took out the guitar from its covering, and started strumming on it, and humming. Then I tried to figure out 1 or 2 songs by Jay Chou. Plucked a couple of tunes that I had figured out previously.
Then I remember the the first time I actually could play a tune on the guitar. That was the time when the whole bunch of us were in the music room, and were trying to study for prelims. It was a weird, yet crazy bunch. A mixture of people from neighbouring classes, yet as different as night and day. There was crazy gerry, star with lots of nice goodies to eat, soft-spoken pretty eleanor, wushu D who was forever falling asleep while reading notes. Occasionally, others will join us, like cute little huifen who was as blur as a sotong, but this was the main group.
Gerry was playing some tune on the teeny weeny guitar, then slowly star and D joined in, started to sing hillsongs. I also enjoyed listening to them.... Gerry taught me my first proper tune - Love Song For a Saviour by Jars of Clay. Beautiful song, not withstanding the fact that when I was strumming, it sounded like horses galloping, even uneven in rhythm and all. Nevertheless, it was great fun.
I miss those times. I miss our study group. I miss the music, the food, the friends. I miss the feeling of belonging in a group (no, the canoeing team doesn't count, coz that was a different social context altogether). It was a strange mixture of people, yet we clicked just like that. Up to now, we still meet up everytime I'm back home.
It's strange that in a foreign place, you would think that survival instinct would propel one to find a group for support, for familiarity, for strength. Yet, having been here for 4 years, that hasn't been the case. For me at least. There are friends, yet it doesn't some sort mesh when you try to fit them in a group, even though we all know each other. It's so individual. I wonder why.
Damn it, I need to have my head examined. And to get it on track as well.