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Thursday, July 22, 2004

The gym
Yes, I finally went to the gym today. Oh, after let's see now... ever since 4th june, when I played squash with jeff. Yeah, 7 weeks of no sports, a first in the year of 2004. Today, approached the gym with trepidation. Stepped in,  and proceeded to jog and work out, and boy, did it feel good!
I've always been a sporty person from young. Maybe becoz it's Singapore where the weather is hot enough for sports, or maybe I wasn't good for anything else (I'd rather think not!) or maybe becoz I liked the rough-and-tumble of it. =) Nevertheless, I remember when I was young, and my sis was in sec school, my family used to spend Monday nights wholely at the country club, playing tennis (it's a family thing), and when I was tired and couldn't be bothered to reach the bouncing balls (yeah, I was really short and tiny then), I would go swimming at the pool just next to the courts. Thus it was natural for me to join tennis when we have to choose an ECA in primary 4 (well actually, my parents didn't allow me to join rhythmic gymnastics, so tennis was the next best thing, i guess).
Secondary school came. I got my first taste of full-blown sports. Never before have I heard that you need to go through sports auditions to get into the track and field team (yeah, u can make a guess which school that was). Not to mention choir audtions at the tender young age of 13, during the first few days of school as well. Terrifying, to say the least. Nonetheless, passed the choir auditions but gave up Sop 1 for volleyball and military band (how crazy was that?) Then volleyball was my main love for the next 4 years, occasionally dabbling with javelin and discus and 100m/200m sprint (as and when the class or the school needed people for competitions). Also did other things unrelated to sports, but I shall not mention it today.
Fast forward to JC. One would think that I would use track to appeal for RJC. Purposely didn't, and therefore ended up elsewhere, and THAT was a blessing in disguise. =) Totally didn't touch vball, and learnt a new sport - canoeing, and boy, I never thought I would stay on! The first time at Kallang, the first time I've ever capsized in the deep waters of Pulau something... the first time I've ever hit the gym, and the first time i've seen girls' muscles even bigger than the guys! It was a fulfilling 2 years of hard work, sweat (actually, it's more of kallang water), tears, enjoyment, and close friendships made. Strangely not with the female side (apart from my crazy partner huanne), rather, with the male counterparts. I must say, they are a great buch of fun-loving guys who never cease to make me laugh or reminisce abt old times (long story there).
Now, onto the uni bit. Don't know why. I unconsciously abstained from sports the first 3 years. Reasons ranged from too cold to too busy to just not interested. I'm glad I picked it up again this year. Think that was triggered by the summer of 2003 (July-Aug). Was called along by the hcn people to sentosa for what else - beach volleyball. Realised how much I missed it, not to mention the tan that came with it, and the firmer tummy I developed! =D Came back, decided to be proactive and seek out the vball pple, and ended up playing for the team, which then extended to the basketball ladies team. At the beginning of this year, I picked up squash anew. I must say, I've improved by leaps and bounds over the 7 months, and right now, I'm gunning for the school team after finals (oh yes, of course trying to better Fu, who was the men's squash captain until recently, and also one of my squash partners).
To cut an even longer story short, I'm glad I picked up sport again. Something that was missing has finally lit up part of me. And therefore... no more procrastination about going to the gym!