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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Summer in London
Remember last year's summer, where everyone was complaining of a summer that was too hot, and a heat wave that killed many in Aug? Well, this year's summer in London is the opposite so far. For the past month, it has been raining, cloudy, with the occasional blue skies, and bits of sun trying its utmost to peek out from under the veil of clouds. As of now, it is raining, yet again, what's more, with the sound effects of thunder! (Whoever heard of thunder in London?!)
Been busy over the past month. With what, u ask? Not studying, most definitely. At the start of the month, I borrowed a couple of VCD serials off one of my juniors who was going back to Singapore, for the summer to ease off my boredom from studying. Just as expected, I watched them. First, it was a whole series of 25 CDs of 'Winter Sonata', followed by a couple of others. I must say I kind of gave up sleep to watch them. Guess it's the deprivation of chinese drama serials for too long, that I've resorted to Korean drama serials. =P
But no longer. I've not touched that whole pack in 2 weeks. And I intend it to stay that way. Been busy over the last week applying for my elective, trying to get my application form for HO jobs in by the deadline last week, also had to do up my CV of which I had no idea how to do it up initally. Previously, it looked like lots of pages, but that's coz of lots of space in between lines. Realised that in Singapore, the thicker your CV, the better. In UK, only the first page counts, i.e. your CV has to be only ONE page. Was racking my brains to think about what I had done in these 4 years in uni. Was happy that when I went for the CV session (which someone specialised in looking at improving CVs), the person was suitably impressed. =) Not with the layout, but with the activities outside of study, both in sch and out. Must be its variety. =p It was just missing one think: Career Profile. I mean, what in the world do you write for that, when you don't know which direction you are heading in the first place? Then again, you have to write something, if not, you're aimless, and have less justification for applying for that job, 'reason=becoz you have to work? Or just to get registration?!' Hmm.. not advisable to put that in. What I do know is that it is most probable that surgery is not my cup of tea. Unless it's plastics (I'm going to do doing that for the next 4 weeks! Yippee!) Hot damn, seems like everyone wants to do plastics as well. =/
A URL: The Lingual Nerve  was recently sent to me by my ex-team mate who's now studying in HK. It's about a group of medics around the world having a common base of weblogging. Sounds cool, eh? I think so, too. Been reading it regularly, as it helps uplifts my spirits, squashes whatever illusions I have about start work, and yet being more entertaining than me reading the Lancet or NEMJ. Of particular note is re-minisce's blog. It's a good read. It's resembles how I talk to myself (no, I'm not mad), but just that I don't write it out. Those thoughts are for me, and me alone to decipher and figure out. Besides, I was never good with words in the first place. My debating skills from yesteryear has long been surpassed by my younger sis (of whom I'm so proud of, apart from the times where I can't win any of the arguments against her, which is almost never. =p) In fact, I spent the whole of last night reading his WHOLE blog. There were some amusing parts which made me chuckle to myself, others which made me seriously ponder about. At the end of it, my neck and back were killing me (from sitting in front of the computer too long), but my mind was buzzing with thoughts and more thoughts. (Yes, yes, I'm supposed to be studying, not wasting time on blogs, and I will do so today) That's what prompted me to get off my lazy ass and write this entry.
Today: study surgery (skin, breast, uro, and vascular)
           go to the gym (know I'm going to procrastinate)
           stop wasting time on the net!
Okay, going once, going twice, gone.