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Monday, July 19, 2004

Wrist Hurting
Yes, my wrist is hurting. I don't know why. Haven't been playing squash or doing any exercise for that matter (yes, I've procrastinated going to the gym yet again. That's coz I haven't got my membership renewed yet!)
No loss of sensation. Just a dull ache that starts at the junction of my neck and shoulder, and stretches all the way down to my wrist and stops there. The fingers are fine and dandy.
Hmm... Maybe it's a repetitive strain injury, seeing as how much time I spend in front of the computer (Today, I spent barely an hour, and moreover, it's broken up into intervals!). Then again, maybe I have cervical spondylosis, or at least I"m at high risk of, coz I'm perpetually 'cracking' my head from side to side to relieve the tension in my shoulders. Perhaps it had something to do with this afternoon, where I spent half of it lying on my housemate's bed, trying to study, while he was making funny faces at me. Yeah, i was lying on the side, with my hand supporting my face, trying to read and make sense of breast lumps.
Final impression: my bones and body are telling me that I'm getting old.
Management: apart from the history (nothing much to say), examination (looks normal to me), investigations (zilch), Plan: Put ibuprofen gel, stop leaning on it, and take a rest. It should be better by morning.
Think I'll make a horrible patient. At least that's what occurs during OSCEs for the year 1s and 2s when I act as a simulated patient. First, I'll ask the examiner if s/he wants me to be an 'easy or tough' patient. Then, dependent on the student, if they are struggling, I'll help them along.. kind of... I just hope I don't get someone like me, coz I can be mean when I want to (that happens when the student is way above his head in arrogance. Hmph.)
Speaking of computer time, I've come across 'Xiaxue's' blog, from a link somewhere (think it's the Lingual Nerve), and caught a post about about doctors earning lots more and that we should be the ones donating instead of the rest of the population, then it went off on a tangent about how people go into medicine either for 1)money 2)prestige. It was quite amusing to read the post and the comments made. For one, for such a long post, very little of it was based on fact, but rather, of opinion. Then again, it is a blog after all. For another, I don't know the blogger, but I found the posts very self-absorbed. Esp for a teenager who just interned at TODAY. it seems as if today's generations of teenagers are as such and so superficial (fine, I'm basing it on just 1 blog, and I know that it doesn't apply to all) Perhaps it's just a phase that needs to be grown out of. However, If it is not, I shudder to think what's going to happen next.
Oh well, just my thoughts for the day. After all, I can't change the world, can I?