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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Coffee Buzz

I'm on a caffeine overdose. Today, I downed 3 mugs, 2 medium, and 1 strong.

First mug (morning) - fell asleep, again.

2nd one (afternoon) - Palpitations, bumpiteebum. Can feel tremors going through my fingers as I turn the page of my Orthopedics book. No, I'm not having a damn heart attack. I'm too young (and fit. Heh.)! Concentrate... (takes guitar out of casing and starts strumming instead). Oops... distracted. So distracted until I finally went downstairs to make curry for dinner. Yummy.

3rd mug - Taken after dinner. Just bought a new percolater, and shared a HUGE glass strong coffee with my housemate. Now I'm buzzing with lots of caffeine in my system. Strangely enough, no tremor though. Wide awake (both brain and eyes), and managed to settle down for 5 straight hours (9.30pm-2.30am, which is now) to study. Now you can ask me ANYTHING about fractures, adult or child, and I should be able to tell you something. *grins widely - actually did some work!*


Ever since my computer gave me that scare with the slowing down (read: delayed reaction to every click), I just ran my defrag the 2nd time in 3 days. Fine, I think I might have an OCD. But, it's not a problem. Not yet anyway. Anyway, I just realised how hypnotising defrag-ing can be. You know, when you click 'Full Details', and the little boxes just change from colour to colour and keep on moving downwards? After I stare at it for a while, my thoughts kind of focus and I go back to my books. Hmm... new strategy: Defrag my computer everytime I study (Either my computer will go crazy, or I will definitely be diagnosed with OCD)? Hmm... what then? My walls? The tree outside my window, the sky, the backyard (my room is facing the back garden)? Hasn't worked yet. Hmm... defrag-ing might be viable.


On another note, I spent the morning (was supposed to go for Plastics ward round, but ended up waking up at the time the ward round is supposed to start. So decided to skip. *Shrugs* I know I'll get retribution later in the week) reading The Underwear Drawer. The older entries actually, such as the ones which the author wrote during her years as a med student (She's now a 2nd year resident in NY). In fact, go take a look at this . She's pretty talented, both as a writer, and an artist. Extremely corny articles (well, I like reading abt day-to-day workings, rather than articles pasted from journals, so sue me.), and her comics are just fantabulously hilarious (made me guffaw loads. ROGLOL). I especially like the Surgery strip (reminds me of what I am encountering now in Senior Surgery, and seems like the happenings are universal). AND, it's inspired me to write (I used to be lazy, and not update at all)!


Finally, before I go to bed (it's bloody 3.30am now, and I'm supposed to be up at 7.30am, all thanks to the dang coffee!), one of my ex-canoeist team-mates has found my blog. This blog has been very invisible to people, as only a few people know about it (I can count the number off one hand). I wonder... who else actually reads this (apart from me, myself and I)?!

So, whoever else who is reading the blog (strangers esp), do drop a taggie (until I figure out how to put out a comments tag for entries of mine. So far, all attempts has been UNsuccessful. Bleah). Try not to be anonymous, yeah?

Off to comfy bed now. *grumble grumble, still wide awake. More orthopedics, perhaps? Crazy...*