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Saturday, August 14, 2004

It all started with...

...a scratchy throat on Tuesday, lost my voice on Wed morn, got it back in the afternoon. Started having a headache (I have never had one, but oh, this one was so pounding, and so I resorted to paracetamol which I abhor-ed to take) on Thursday. Both yesterday and this morning, woke up being unable to breathe - clogged up nose which I couldn't blow out (if only I could bite my nose when this happens). Sounded so nasal that my housemate M said that my husky voice of this morning could attract guys (Huh? =p) Guess what it is? Yes, I've got a head cold of some sort, having a heavy head, feeling as if everything is blocked up, and wondering if there is anything in that area we call the brain. It's irritating, to say the least. Hmm... even Cirrus (cetirizine & pseudoephedrine HCl) or Chlorpheniramine (Piriton) couldn't help.

Didn't realise that I was so dehydrated today. Went for a game of squash with Fu, and boy, I am really out of shape, big-time. Not to mention I felt like puking while playing - was it the dehydration or the out-of-breath thing? Think it was a combination. Though now, my nose seems to be clear, for the moment. However, it seems as if there's a huge haematoma collecting under my left big toe, probably due to an extremely traumatic game of squash, smashing my feet forward and back against the confines of my shoes. Dang, it's painful as well. Help, anyone?


Watched the opening ceremony of Olympics Athens 2004 last night, and caught a bit of the rowing this morning, and the highlights this evening. Was looking out for the Singapore contingent, which was an ultra long wait (they came 180+ out of 202 countries). It was an informative night though. I didn't realise there are soooo many countries in Africa (Congo vs Democratic Republic of Congo, what's the difference?!?!), and my housemate S was trying to describe, without pen or paper, where each one was on the map. My geography is quite terrible, so I just knew the general region the various countries were in. Heh.

Then came the rowing. Miss rowing, but the rowing here is different from back home. S says that I should try sculling instead. Hmm... Watched bits of the beach volleyball. Yum yum, babes present, and they did look good in bikinis! Not to mention, the playing from the Aussie team was superb. China and Ukraine (or was it Some other European country) was completely trashed. Different though, they played 2-on-2. When I was back home, we just to play from 4-on-4 to 6 in a court. *Admiration abound* - for fantastic teamwork and flast reflexes running around. The smashes/spikes were a bit crappy though. Can't wait to see the men's. =)


Just got documents for my postings in 5th year. Seems like I'll be everywhere but Tooting, apart from the first 5 weeks of Oct, with A&E and Anaesthetics. After that, I'll be posted to Caterham (erm... that's like where??) for my 2nd block of GP postings (I swear they are trying to convert everyone to become GPs, and are not satisfied that George's perpetually provides 50% of GPs each year). After that comes my elective, where I'll be at home in SG, hopefully doing some backpacking in Dec, 'working hard' in the 'Hospitals' in Jan (provided NUS gives me a dang reply instead of leaving me dangling), and birthday, CNY and diving in Feb. =)

When I fly back here, a day later, I'll have to go down to Chichester (near the South Coast. Think: sailing in Spring!) for my Medicine shadows, then up north to Epsom (in far, far Surrey) for Surgery shadows. Then it's the grind of brain power vs books vs trying to see as many patients as possible, leading up to clinical finals, and graduation (if that actually does happen).

I've just handed in a draft CV yesterday. Was flipping through the BMJ Careers left in front of the tv. There were lots of ads for A&E docs. Paeds too, but must have an interest in 'ambulatory Medicine' (isn't it A&E all over again??). Locums too. If not, they have proper 2 year long posts, but goodness only knows where the hospital actually is (might be hidden on one obscure part of the A to Z). Then again, this is the late edition, aka everyone else would have had jobs by now.

Found out from M that we are given 12 choices for our PRHO/FY1 posting., However, only 4 are allowed for George's/Heliers posts. If only the 1-year posts weren't so competitive. Other choices... Heliers and Mayday are out. Kingston is in. Perhaps the South Coast? =P Now, just wondering how to arrange the choices and the interviews afterwards (I'm phobic about interviews, u see. Therefore wonders in amazement at however I got into medical school. Must have been a fluke).

Oh dear... how time flies. Before long, I actually have to take responsibility for the people I'm effectively working to help. Dang, can't pass it off to the rest of the team, now that I'll be the lowest rank of the ladder (no, medical students still rank slightly higher than that. Heh.) Hmm.. maybe I should lengthen my study another year? I'm not ready for it. Gah.