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Thursday, August 05, 2004


You know how when women get PMS, they get all soppy and depressed. Well, I think I'm the exception. I turn manic when I get PMS (yes, it's pre, not present or post or perpetual, u nuttering peeps. U know who u are). Think MacDonald's on Sunday was the turn of the key. Btw, another of my housemates, M (who was MIA for a couple of weeks, finally returned), and was treated to a recount of what happened on Sunday, thanks to my ever loving other housemates, K and S. Needless to sat, she laughed her head off. Now, they ALL want to go out every Sunday morning, with me as 'entertainment'.

Monday - I was bouncing off the walls. Tuesday - I was obsessed with coffee and defrag-ing and orthopedics. Yesterday, I was manic about getting a 'Comments' tag for my blog. I scoured high and low (ok, maybe just really long), and tried both enetation and Haloscan, but it didn't work. While I was wrecking my brains to see what's wrong with the template (God, I hate HTML), I finally found the problem after fiddling around with it for a while (make that more like a couple of hours. Yeah... I'm really comptuer illiterate). And when I wanted to be manic abt finishing up Ortho, my bed won out, an hour after I had drank a huge mug of strong coffee. *enormous sigh*

Now, I'm feeling lethargic. Heh.


Why does NUS take soooo long to reply to a reply to an email (elective application - wanna go home for me birthday and CNY -> can get double ang pows! Not to mention, I miss all teh bak kwahs and pineapple tarts)? Dang it, reply to my reply!!