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Sunday, August 01, 2004

A near-disaster day

It started off at 7.30am with my alarm. Woke up (yesh, I know, whoever wakes up at 7.30amon a Sunday morning?!?!) with rhinitis. Nose itchy (but not runny), ears ringing and my head felt like it was going through the grinder. (might be due to the huge whisky shot i had last night?) Decided to get up and try to fiddle around and fix my computer (it has been giving me problems: think enormous amt of lag time between clicking an icon and actually have it appear in the screen in front of me).

I'm an impatient person. I don't like to wait, and I like it when a problem has a quick solution. And so the computer was irritating me, in addition to my nose. At 9am, set Scandisk on, and settled on my bed, thinking I'll go back to sleep. A few mins later, K, my housemate came in to say that they were leaving for breakfast (I said earlier last night that I would join them this morning), then I lazily replied that I was going back to sleep, and for them to go ahead. K left. A few mins later, both K and S came up to hound me out of bed until I got dressed to go. Out of bed I went.

Walking out of the house into Tooting. S commented that I looked like a 12-year old. K nodded her head vigorously. (Both of them are taller and older than me, so I'm the 'baby' of the house, the 'little one') I wore what I usually wear: jeans, sleeveless top and sandals. The addition thing was a sports cap, with my ponytail sticking out at the back. Because of that, I look like a kid. Hmph.

MacDonald's in Tooting. Ordering was so difficult (Haven't woken up yet?). I had dysphasia, and couldn't order what I wanted to order. Now I know what expressive dysphasia is like. I finally got the words out. Think the waitress wanted to strangle me. By then, the queue behind me was long (from no one behind me).

Woolie's. Met Cindy (friend from uni). Mind blank at 10.30am in the morning. The others talked while I stared blankly.

Headed to M&S. Nearly tripped over my sandal walking through 1 of th aisles.

Sainsbury. First incident - Almost toppled a whole shelf of coke while trying to lift a 2L bottle from the top. Second incident - Threw a bag of frozen veg at S (he was supposed to catch it), but it landed 'smack' (loudly) on the floor. * Looked around wildly to see if anyone else saw it (another of my uni friends was sneaking up behind me and saw it. Oops). Then stared at the bag on the floor, willing it not to have any holes (Okay, my fault for throwing it. Thank goodness it didn't burst)*. Third incident - was taking a bottle of veg oil from the shelf and accidentally swiped something onto the floor. Oh shit, it's a glass bottle of virgin olive oil (Oh please, don't let it break!). Thank goodness it didn't. Hurriedly put it back on the shelf and dashed off in the direction of the trolley. Apparently K and S were some distance away, heard the noise, and guessed it was me. Dang.

Fast forward to my room later. Was taking an afternoon nap just after coming back from grocery shopping (yes, I was feeling sleepy, and so I took a nap. What's wrong with that?). Handphone rang. Stumbled out of bed, grabbing for the vibrating thingmajig and trying to hook the handsfree to it. Thumped back down into bed, and almost broke the connection on the handsfree set (thank goodness I managed to land on my wrist instead. Ouch). It was mum. Told her I was sleeping, and she asked me to call later (parents have been trying to reach me on my hp since yesterday, but I've not answered, simply becoz when the phone rings in my room, I was downstairs, eg. in the kitchen etc!).

Called home 2 hours later (haven't called home for a month or so). Parents wondered if something had happened to me or I was just ignoring them (erm... have been in contact thru email? the latest was 2 days ago??) Was grumpy (didn't mean to be!), and mum complained. So I bitched about the weather (hot and stuffy, and me have to fan or aircon here) and my computer (Crawling at a snail's pace and maybe it's gonna break down soon. Mum said if dad doesn't want to get me a new one, she'll pay for a new one for me. Yippee! NB: My laptop is 4 years old and getting older still). Only good thing out of that: I got to talk to my younger sis (amidst chasing from dad in the background to put down the phone, on the other side). Heh.

Computer trouble. Already 1 week. Lag time, delay, snail. Whatever you call it. Keeps restarting while Scandisk was run. When defrag-ing it, it stays stagnant at 28% (WTH... I dun have that much rubbish on my hard disk.) Thought it was due to some spyware problems, but cleared it with a program. Still lagging behind. Hmm... maybe my computer is telling it's age-ing (like me), and it's time to retire it (but not now! Not with all my work and revision lectures on it!). Finally, Scandisk breaks through, and the computer is slightly faster now. No fault found though. Strange (I'm computer-illiterate, btw). *Fervently prays for it to last till Dec, when I go back.*

Add to that: I haven't started on work, aka Plastics and Orthopedics. Bleah.

Today is just not my day.