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Monday, August 09, 2004

To Brighton and back

Yes, I'm back from Brighton. It was a gorgeous sunny day, virtually unheard of in London (seeing as how the weather is so unpredictable over here). Impromptu decision made when a friend called in the late morning, and exams as an excuse not to meet till later (exams in a month) was counted as invalid. Yeah, I'm weak, and so I went. Got out of London.

Tried to read MCQs along the way, but everything was jumbled with the beautiful and scenic route along the train ride. =)

Found out that Brighton = gay capital of UK. No wonder, everywhere I turned, there were females holding females' hands (not that I don't do that at times, but only with ultra gd friends or my sisters), or pairs of guys linked not only with hands (legs, lips, u name it).

Since it was sunny, lots of people were in bikinis (Except yours truly, esp not with the 2 guys I'm with, 1 of whom is my friend's colleague), kiddies, teens, middle-aged ladies, fat ones (all the fat literally hanging out from the top, and especially, especially the bottom. Ghastly.), elderly ladies (yeah, with the sagging breasts and wrinkled skins). As for the males, there were the usual pot-bellied ones, and several sumptuously hard muscle-ly men. Eye candy. Yum yum.

Walked around - flea market, along the beach, the mosque, shopping areas, and the ARCADE! Yeah, we played bumper cars, and boy, was it fun! Haven't gone to an arcade in ages (the last time must have been sec sch or something). My friend won a soft toy at some basketball stall, and promptly let me choose the toy. He said he won the game for me (huh?). But anyway, now I have a golden/royal purple cobra (it was either that or the slimy green one) sitting at the edge of my bed. =)


Why is it that the weather is so fickle? I went out this morning for an hour, to do grocery shopping and return a couple of books at the library (yeah, i'm still reading fiction as part of relaxation). Once I stepped out, it started drizzling. Doubled my pace, even though my calf was hurting like mad (ran too suddenly for the train and the bus to Brigton and to come home from Wimbledon respectively. My housemate said I'm getting too old). It was still raining when I finished my shopping. The moment I stepped inside my house, the rain stopped. The sky just does not like me.


Finally, managed to finish Orthopedics. Realised that if I dun know the answer to any ortho question, just saying 'open reduction and internal fixation' should do the trick of getting some marks. Heh.

Gonna start on O&G today. Followed by past year papers (if I can find them). From now on, it's gonna be full-steam (or so we hope).

Hibernation period starts now. *fingers crossed*