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Friday, September 03, 2004

Hibernation hiatus

Written finals in 2 weeks. Been studying (50% of the time), sleep (30%), reading books other than medical books (20%). Bleah. Ever heard of burnout? Just been feeling really sianz... and it's soooo not a good time for that feeling to arrive. Now I know what my sis means when she says 'Welcome to the club of not being able to study' - I seem to have forgotten how. *alarm bells ringing*

My other sis left for the land of the Swiss today, for a week. To visit Zurich and see how the place is like, aka + meeting bf's family/friends. Hope she enjoys it there. Sweet of her bf to suggest that they visit me in London (and she didn't even think abt it. Hmph.), but seems too rushed for them. Oh well. It's the thought that counts, I guess.

A good friend left for London at the same time today. Star's coming over to attend her friend's wedding in Exeter, where she was previously studying music. She'll be staying with me for 2 nights before she flies off home.

Another good friend, D, just came back from summer camp in US, and just had her graduation at UCL. Congrats, D! =) She's coming over tmr night. Guess we'll be staying up half the night to talk, considering that she has to go back to SG next week for good to serve out her bond under MOH. =( Another friend leaving the UK. Seems like my closer friends are flying back home, one by one. By next year, I'll be (hums to myself) 'only the lonely... dum dum dum dumbeduba'.

I must be crazy, entertaining friends, with exams around the corner. Either I'm really confident about it, or I'm an idiot. Hmm... think perhaps I should choose the latter?

Now considering if I should take a trip to NY at the end of this month, where I have 10 days of suspense (and worriedly chewing on my nails) while waiting for my exam results, before I start another full-blown 30 weeks of term, first of which is A&E. *hear hear!*

Now listening to an old album of 'S.A.S.H.'s. Love the songs inside, coz it's really proper dance music (not fake R&B, but prog house/trance-techno side which I used to DJ).

One song really takes my breath away - Just around the hill. It's a romantic, yet ethereal, soothing tune that brings to mind what my housemates and I were discussing on various occasions. Relationships and sex. We (my housemate, S [incidentally a guy] and I) were watching Sex And the City, and the scene shown was Samantha having sex with this guy on a swing (?!?), Carrie boinking 2 guys at the same time, and Miranda finding out on the day of her wedding that her husband-to-be is sometimes impotent.
-> Led to a discussion of psychosexual disorders (courtesy of Psychiatry that I had just crash-mugged that day)
-> use of Sildenafil aka Viagra
-> intracavernosal injection (ouch for the guy)
-> Perspective of sex in the UK (via S) (where sex is rampant and GUM clinics are plentiful) vs that was SG (via me)
-> issue of virginity and importance of it to marriages vs just sex
-> relationships
Complex, no? ;)

My household has become quite close, even though we've only been in the house for 10 months proper, together (4 of us in the same year, yet we're all in different rotations). It's S and M's preorgative (is that how it is spelt?) to find K and me a man by the time we're SHOs, but hopefully before graduation. Heh. Think the odds are ten to none that they are UNsuccessful.

Was talking to Jer AY, former JC classmates, the other day, and he was amazed I'm still not taken (he thought I would be 'taken' before college ended. Haha.) Then he goes on to speculate that there's a chance that JWoo and I should get together, esp now that we're both single. He had always thought that both of us would get together in college, becoz of the chemistry between us. Also talked to JWoo (also JC classmate) the day before, and he said that I'm 'one of the sweetest girls he knows'. He broke up with his gf not long ago. He's a close friend. Safe to say, think I'm more of his buddy, not a rebound. Unless I'm reading everything wrong, again. (Sometimes I can be quite 'blur'). Hmm...

Okay, back to Haematology. *mind thinking of sneaking into school office and burning all exam papers!! Muahahaha!*