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Monday, October 25, 2004

The weekend before daylight saving kicks in

Been busy this weekend. ISS's reception, where I actually mingled quite a bit, surprisingly. JTI's (D's nick for Jeff. Don't ask what it means. You wouldn't want to know.) birthday drinks at the Traf. SMSL freshers' tea, interspersed with dim sum and weiming's place. =p Then JTI's birthday proper. St Katherine's docks - fantastic place to people-watch. And the 'classiest' starbucks I've ever seen in London or Singapore. More later. =)

I'm back. =)

About the weekend

You can say it's kind of happening. =)

Took Friday off, although I was supposed to go in to watch the anaesthetics side of a renal transplant. So slept in, and did a little work after that. Most of the time, just watching Charmed/Smallville/some other chinese serial on my computer. Then went to the gym in the evening, before heading off to school to attend the ISS reception.

The food wasn't too bad. In fact, it was better than the other years. Maybe becoz the soc received a huge donation from the dean (?). Either way, it was worth going. Usually, I would be Karen and they would be giving long talks, before we could even talk or mingle. And during those years, I didn't really know many people, so just spoke to a few (could count on one hand), and went off home. This time though, I was alone, and I knew so many more people (including freshers which I teach for the CFP), and was stopped or stopped continuously to chat. Surprisingly, this time, more than one sentence was spoken to Bervin. *He isn't that bad after all? - Still wondering*

Towards the end of the night, YW passed me his phone, and JTI was on the line. Now, J was also at the reception, but apart from a few words exchanged (about ULU vball?) while I was actually talking to someone else, we otherwise didn't speak to each other. Then YW passed me his phone, and J was on the line, asking about the SMSL freshers' tea - what time are we meeting (when he asked that earlier on in the context following ULU vball), then he proceeded on 'oh btw, I'm having birthday drinks at the Traf, if you would like to come'. Huh? A bit last min, right? Hmm.... anyway, I went, slightly late though, and I didn't get to talk to J at all (got sandwiched between Fu and R Dodds), apart from the end when we were all chased out of the pub coz it was closing, where I wished him happy birthday and went on home.

Next day is a Saturday. That morning, I found a msg on MSN from him saying sorry that he didn't get to talk to me, but he was trying to chat up some other girl (Am I supposed to understand that??). Anyway, that day was the SMSL Freshers' Tea. Was supposed to meet Weiming for lunch with Tim and PJ and Belle (she couldn't make it), but that morning, WM called to say that the person to fix the boiler was there and he couldn't come. =( So it was just me, Tim and PJ and we had dim sum. after that, I headed for Next to exchange a skirt (from a size 10 to a size 8 - that usually is *not* my size), then down to ULU for the Tea. Tim made it there earlier than I did! =/

So there we were, the 'geriatrics' (people in clinical years) sitting at one corner and chatting away. You know what? It's the first time that the George's people actually went down in full force, and there were so many clinical years, compared to other schools. In fact, the only other school with clinical years was UCL. Well, Jeff and I both left earlier than the rest, and I headed off with Tim up to Weiming's place (we decided to drop in since he didn't manage to come down and we needed to catch up). It was a good catchup with Shyan, Will and Patrick, (apart from the weather, which was pouring throughout). =) Headed back into central to catch dinner with Noah and Trixy. Hmm... let's say that Noah reminds me of Bervin, which is a NOT a good thing.

Sunday arrived. Woke up at 1045hrs (coz I came back late the night before), and there was J online, so I wished him happy birthday. He said thanks, and oh so casually mentioned 'would you like to go to lunch at Royal China at Canary Wharf?'. I said sure, and what time are we supposed to meet, and he replied 'at the broadway at 11.15. Erm... that gave me like 10 mins to get ready and get out of the house to walk to the tube station! And guess what? I was even earlier than him! Hah... Anyway, Fu and Mikey was also there, and we met LJ at Westferry (only time I've seen LJ out of school, then again, I dun see him much in school!).

Gorgeous place - Westferry. Had an enjoyable time ordering and talking, even though I've not really talked to these people in school before, apart from Fu. Enjoyable, nevertheless. Then we walked along the riverfront till the train station, where we changed our minds and decided to walk to Tower Hill/London Bridge. Along the way, the view was just magnificent, and it's my first time walking that stretch. Lovely, especially St Katherine's Docks where J brought us to this classi Starbucks where you can people-watch and enjoy peace and quiet in sofa chairs if you want to read. Little if no smoking too! Alas, we had to head back, so the 3 guys and I walked more along the river (where J pointed out Hay's Gallery to me and suggested that I go take a look at it sometime) and found the tube station home. =)

Got back, and I wanted to take the bus to Steatham to see how long the journey takes by bus, but Stan called, and ended up meeting him and we went back to my place and we talked. =) At night, in the midst of so much rain, I popped in over to J's place to pass him his present. Seems like he's in the same predicatment as me (meaning his whole house is empty), but it's one of the first few I've seen of a guy's place being so meticulously squeaky clean! His room is utlra neat with loads of books as well. And I thought I was bad enough with neat and tidy being my OCD. And he was listening to classical music - something which I never pegged him for. Surprises, surprises. Well, waddayah know? =P


These 2 weeks I've been doing an anaesthetics firm. So far, it's been interesting, but I just can't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. No doubt, you're in theatre, but you don't do any surgery, you do lots of cannulas and intubations, most of the time using the same drugs, same equipment. Rapid Sequence Induction, normal intubation, guedel airways, nasopharyngeal tubes. I'm not saying that it's boring. It's just not for me. Give me A&E with horrible patients at wonky timings of the week anyday, man. =P